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BigslyBigsly 6 months ago
Ice Red pour Homme - Sakamichi

Ice Red pour Homme Very good for the price!
On Walmart's site I found this: "Ice Red Eau de parfum is a men s cologne launched in 2014. The fragrance is a unique masculine blend with notes that include orchid, labdanum, benzoin, tonka beans, cinnamon, roasted sesame seeds, coumarin...

BigslyBigsly 6 months ago
Double Black - Jean Louis Vermeil

Double Black Sort of like Fahrenheit with tobacco instead of the "gasoline note."
I found two descriptions of this scent online, the first being, "A sophisticated combination of spice and musk, Vermeil Double Black is a sensual, masculine fragrance. It is ideal for evening wear....

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Elite Elite - Starter - 7 months ago
One reviewer said this is similar to Cool Water for men.
Notes may be: ginger, mandarin, citrus blend, juniper berry, guaiac wood, nutmeg, jasmine, cedarwood, Indonesian sandalwood & vetiver.
Only Blue Only Blue - Lomani - 7 months ago
From the notes, the name, and the color, it looks like it's similar to BdC.
Seems like castoreum should be a note in this one!
Seems like it may be similar to Indian Dream by Mancera.
This seems to be a One Million type of scent.
Some have said this is similar to Dunhill's Desire for a Man (red bottle), but it might be closer to Boss Bottles/Ferrari Black.
This seems to be similar to Le Male.
This appears to be a Bleu de Chanel type of scent.
This appears to be an Invictus type of scent.


ApiciusApicius 10 years ago
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