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32 days ago
Independent by Police

Independent„An Amouage scent "on the cheap" ?”
I think that was the idea with this one, and depending upon how "natural" and how strong you think a scent of this type should be, you will either like it or not (assuming you are being fair to a "budget brand"). The citrus here quickly gets overwhelmed...

98 days ago
Eau de Royal Secret by Five Star Fragrance

Eau de Royal Secret„This was not marketed correctly, in my opinion.”
This could be marketed by a nouveau niche company as a unisex, gourmand, tobbaco scent, though it's natural smelling, which seems to be something much of today's niche is moving away from (so perhaps niche of a decade ago). It has little...

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Seems like castoreum should be a note in this one!+1
Seems like it may be similar to Indian Dream by Mancera.+1
This seems to be a One Million type of scent.+2
Some have said this is similar to Dunhill's Desire for a Man (red bottle), but it might be closer to Boss Bottles/Ferrari Black.+1
This seems to be similar to Le Male.+2
This appears to be a Bleu de Chanel type of scent.+2
This appears to be an Invictus type of scent.+1
This appears to be a Fahrenheit type of scent.+1
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This appears to be an Armani Code type of scent.+1
This appears to be an Aventus type scent.+1


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