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6 months ago
Independent by Police

Independent„An Amouage scent "on the cheap" ?”
I think that was the idea with this one, and depending upon how "natural" and how strong you think a scent of this type should be, you will either like it or not (assuming you are being fair to a "budget brand"). The citrus here quickly gets overwhelmed...

9 months ago
Eau de Royal Secret by Five Star Fragrance

Eau de Royal Secret„This was not marketed correctly, in my opinion.”
This could be marketed by a nouveau niche company as a unisex, gourmand, tobbaco scent, though it's natural smelling, which seems to be something much of today's niche is moving away from (so perhaps niche of a decade ago). It has little...

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Seems like castoreum should be a note in this one!+1
Seems like it may be similar to Indian Dream by Mancera.+1
This seems to be a One Million type of scent.+2
Some have said this is similar to Dunhill's Desire for a Man (red bottle), but it might be closer to Boss Bottles/Ferrari Black.+1
This seems to be similar to Le Male.+2
This appears to be a Bleu de Chanel type of scent.+2
This appears to be an Invictus type of scent.+1
This appears to be a Fahrenheit type of scent.+1
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This appears to be an Armani Code type of scent.+1
This appears to be an Aventus type scent.+1


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