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Bigsly 1 year ago 3

An Amouage scent "on the cheap" ?
I think that was the idea with this one, and depending upon how "natural" and how strong you think a scent of this type should be, you will either like it or not (assuming you are being fair to a "budget brand"). The citrus here quickly gets overwhelmed by the other notes and it's quite interesting/niche-like, but definitely not too far out there (for those who want something really avant garde). Quite a few sprays were needed to get this scent to "bloom," so I wouldn't spend too much on it, and don't expect great depth, but that's to be expected. If you enjoy Encre Noir type scents, this is one you might want to sample (though Independent isn't as "chemical").
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Bigsly 2 years ago 1

This was not marketed correctly, in my opinion.
This could be marketed by a nouveau niche company as a unisex, gourmand, tobbaco scent, though it's natural smelling, which seems to be something much of today's niche is moving away from (so perhaps niche of a decade ago). It has little to do with the original Royal Secret (I have only tried vintage EdC of that one - it's an "old school" oriental that some describe as having things like a cat urine note, which I can understand but chalk it up to an "undeveloped nose" not understanding what he/she is smelling). On the plus side, I was able to get a new, 100 ml bottle of EdRS for about $4, and this sort of thing has happened before. I guess most people aren't going to do as much research as I am and they tend to get caught up with "hype fragrances." But if you see this one around to be tested and you like gourmand/tobacco scents, I think you will want to sample it!

Bigsly 2 years ago

Now this fragrance does evoke a landscape!
This is from a web site that once sold it:

"Top notes: lemon, lavender, sage and juniper
Heart notes: bitter orange, mint and hay
Footnote: fern, rose and sandalwood cyst

The Contadour is a plateau in Provence. The fragrance is about a walk on the mountain: it starts early in the morning, the dew is still on the grass. When you increase the sun begins to warm the surrounding area, and arrived at the summit of nature unfold their full splendor."

I don't get a whole lot of the lavender and/or "fern," and the wood and rose are quite mild. Very nice but also almost impossible to find these days.

Bigsly 2 years ago

Not bad for the low price!
I get mostly an aquatic scent, with just a hint of the othe notes. There is a sea-like element with some dihydromyrcenol (such as in Cool Water for Men), and it lasts well. Projection is moderate. It's not juvenile but it doesn't have depth, naturalnesss, nor complexity, so if you are thinking this could be a "vintage great" I think you'll be disappointed. It is definitely competitive against recent designers that cost a lot more, IMO.

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What more can you ask for?
I have vintage EdT but I recently acquired a newer EdP (tall bottle with bow and black plastic cap, but not the octogonal shape one). It begins in a way that's similar to vintage Knize Ten, actually, but then goes in more of a chypre than oriental direction. Still, this smells great and certainly unisex, IMO. The leatheriness is always present and the other notes do an excellent job providing contrast and balance. An incredible bargain for those who like these old school leather scents, better than most niche I've sampled recently, that's for sure (and the cost was less than $10 total for 100 ml). Note that when coconut is listed, for some reason what's meant is castoreum. I smell that here, but not coconut.
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