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Bigsly 3 months ago 1

Very good for the price!
On Walmart's site I found this: "Ice Red Eau de parfum is a men s cologne launched in 2014. The fragrance is a unique masculine blend with notes that include orchid, labdanum, benzoin, tonka beans, cinnamon, roasted sesame seeds, coumarin and orchid." I get a slightly spiced, vanillic tonka. It's not super sweet, nor does it come across as synthetic. If there's lavender in here, it's a very small amount - could be unisex, but there's a little something to make it "masculine," which I'd guess is some sort of wood aroma chemical. Interestingly, there's a far drydown that's a bit different, sort of like a sugary dessert item, but again, not sickeningly sweet. Though simple, they did a good job (is reasonably strong too!), and I can imagine using it for layering purposes as well.

Bigsly 3 months ago 1

Sort of like Fahrenheit with tobacco instead of the "gasoline note."
I found two descriptions of this scent online, the first being, "A sophisticated combination of spice and musk, Vermeil Double Black is a sensual, masculine fragrance. It is ideal for evening wear. Building upon a rich note of earthy tobacco, this cologne has a strong smoky undertone." The other one said this scent, "...features fruity top notes of black currant, mandarin orange and bergamot laced with galbanum. Heart notes of freesia and lily of the valley incorporate floralcy while violet leaf adds a subtle herbal accord. The cologne is grounded with earthy base notes of cedar, oakmoss, patchouli and musk."

I definitely get tobacco (earthy/dry) and a kind of "dirty" citrus, along with the violet leaf. It lasts a few hours with strength and then it's mostly a dry tobacco-dominant scent at considerably less strength (with the citrus and violet leaf still present). I don't get anything "synthetic" here (like iso e super), nor do I get lavender, but the "smoky undertone" described is not present either, unless they are classifying the tobacco note as such. Overall, an excellent "super cheapo," but clearly not for the young crowd, simpler and less rich/complex as compared to vintage Fahrenheit, but a nice one for those who know what they want. Not sure why "spice and musk" are mentioned, though there could be a little of each. I do get some lily of the valley but the galbanum and freesia are likely subsumed by other, stronger notes. Longevity is at least good. The sprayer puts out a fine mist so you'll likely need to spray more than usual.

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Similar to vintage Lapidus Pour Homme (1987).
Big difference to me is that this one has a nondescript wood note whereas vintage LPH has a nice sandalwood note (which apparently was replaced by a strong geranium note in a subsequent formulation, which isn't bad but it's almost like a different scent). Perhaps because of this, it almost smells like 70% LPH, 20% Kouros, and 10% unique. My new 100 ml bottle was dated 2011 and costs about $7 total, so needless to say I'm pleased with this purchase!
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Bigsly 4 months ago 2

Similar to V&R's Spicebomb, just missing a couple notes.
Though note lists often seem inaccurate, this seems correct. Spicebomb has the same list except with saffron and cinnamon too. Victory is a bit simpler, and I don't get that sharpness or as much spice. I think Victory is also softer and smoother, so it could be a "legere" version of Spicebomb (I have only tried the early batches of it, so for all I know they could be very similar now). Since Victory cost me about $8 for 100 ml, new, it might be a great deal for someone on a tight budget and wants a less potent and sharp version of Spicebomb, though it seems to have less projection.

Bigsly 4 months ago 1

Excellent fragrance currently selling for very little.
"Official" notes seem to be vetiver, ivy, sandalwood, patchouli, tangerine, and lemon. I can't say I got ivy but the rest seem right, with patchouli not being strong, After just a few minutes it settles in nicely and lasts a long time, with good sillage but not much projection (no obvious aroma chemicals like iso e super). Not more than a touch of sweetness and no obvious lavender, this is a "throwback" scent that's for those who want a simple and natural quality, but a bit different than the well-known vintage fragrances. In particular, this is great for all but the hotest and most humid weather, for those who don't want to go down a well-trodden path or deal with obvious aroma chemicals, but want something more traditional and substantial for warmer days.

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