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Blkbrd 8 years ago 4
You know that sweet awkward girl in your office? Right.
How funny. I walk around in everything from Chanel to China Rain, and the first perfume that elicits a nice comment from an unfamiliar woman is this one. The core of the scent is peony, which would seem to have an uphill battle against the citrus, soap, and violet leaf to keep from being too harsh, but it manages to avoid that. Not by a lot, but it does. It's wouldn't be a bad choice at all for someone looking for an affordable variant on the new Chloe; it's brighter and more prim but definitely in that overall vein.

The bottle with its little pink roof and the cherry blossoms (these are PEONIES, not CHERRIES) is sheer kitsch, in a softspoken and good-natured way. It's not something you could put on your dresser to make yourself seem sophisticated, but it's totally worth a shot if it sounds like your kind of thing, especially next time it goes on sale.

Does it sound like I don't like it? I do.
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