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Clear humid purpley orchid plus a marine “driftwood” note, which as it turns out is a great combination. Muted orange peel for structure.
Lemon, clean skin, mild egotism, & sunlight. Lavender & cedar seen through a citrus lens until the far drydown. Light, warm, 100% unisex.
Plain, smiling vanilla/bergamot/peony/musk. It doesn't impress, innovate or intrigue. But not LIKE it? Do you not like bread? Or ladybugs?
Baiser Fou Baiser Fou - Cartier - 1 year ago
Powdery, makeuppy orchid, drier than most orchid scents - a treatment more usually given to violets or roses. Fun but potent. Spray lightly!
Blue Lili Blue Lili - Orlov - 2 years ago
Beautiful soft peach/rose w/ the cool breadth & opacity of an early-evening sky. "Blue" actually fits. Touch of woodsmoke up top.
1 - 5 of 56