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Cassis usually takes itself so seriously. This is light and as flippant as tropical punch. Fantastic kitsch packaging too.
Serene, textured white rush of either seawater or nostalgia. A+ use of basil. Femme. Marine scents should be more like this more often.
Grapefruit juice, a little bit sweet, and dry, noon-bright cedarwood; the dryness comes out ahead. Coastal and grown-up.
Not quite fizzy, but has a white-noise rush that makes the synthetic lemonlime interesting. Slightly sweet. Like a memory of being splashed.
Brisk, potent dark cypress w/ musk below. Don't get bamboo. Lasts, like most evergreen scents don't. Def cypress, not pine, fir, or cedar.
1 - 5 of 64