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Huge dessert rose(/pistachio/vanilla/oud). Easy to love as only the luckiest people are, but if you need your romance Byronic, not for you.
Lime (citrus, not linden!) plus a wilting red rose and chilly iris. Unusual, pleasant, and never inappropriate. Nice to have a femme lime.
Cozy, well-made, spot-on delight IF you get the appeal of a laundry detergent scent. If not, not. Textured bottle a nice touch.
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Smells of sandy, frontloaded jasmine & marketing. As a native Californian, there is nothing more Californian than this. It's not not praise.
Vintage EiP is a soft, thick (not heavy), mossy purple floral on an incense/musk/benzoin base. Soothing as a favorite blanket. Find some.
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