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BobJBobJ 2 years ago
Peau d'Ailleurs - Starck

Peau d'Ailleurs For Gardeners and Horticulturalists.
If you don't find yourself happy about dirt, and happy about hands-on horticulture in general, it's possible you won't like at all. On the other hand, if you welcome the smell of mulchy potting soil and the smell of forest...

BobJBobJ 9 years ago
Fille en aiguilles - Serge Lutens

Fille en aiguilles The Evocation of a warm Summer for Winter and Fall.
The term "unisex" can often project a sense of ambiguity or hesitancy, but this Lutens has something markedly distinctive for men and women both. For men, it's the scent of the woods and fresh-split pine...


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