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BobJ 32 days ago
For Gardeners and Horticulturalists.
If you don't find yourself happy about dirt, and happy about hands-on horticulture in general, it's possible you won't like at all. On the other hand, if you welcome the smell of mulchy potting soil and the smell of forest soils at mushroom hunting time, for the reasonable price this often goes for, you're unlikely to be disappointed in your purchase. I blind-bought the smaller bottle, and wish I'd bought the larger one instead. Unisex, and while it may puzzle others, really nice for around the house in the off season, when dreaming of growing seasons to come.

BobJ 8 years ago
The Evocation of a warm Summer for Winter and Fall.
The term "unisex" can often project a sense of ambiguity or hesitancy, but this Lutens has something markedly distinctive for men and women both. For men, it's the scent of the woods and fresh-split pine firewood, where a man can be proud and satisfied with his work. For women it's a celebration of a warm woodland's promising bounty and comforting acceptance.

Lutens' fragrances can be wonderful and unique but difficult to wear at times. While admittedly distinctive, this is not at all the case with Fille en Aiguilles.

If you are looking for a Lutens to suit your man, yet are reluctant to go with the safe-yet-less-distinctive Chergui, this is the one to choose. If you are looking for a warm memory of the forest in summer in a fragrance that's most suitable for Fall and Winter, this is the perfect one as well.

Not quite as well-known as some in this line, but distinctive and comforting in a way that those who hope to claim familiarity with the Lutens line, yet have not sampled this, are missing out.

Does it sound like, as a man, I have some myself, and find joy in wearing it? You bet.

But not before my sister bought a bottle for herself.

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BobJ 8 years ago
A "Gentlemanly" fragrance from the 1960's.
I was gifted a small mini of this, along with a number of other things, by a friend who works at a perfume shop. The mini looks like the original bottle, funky wood cap and all.

And to be honest, not exactly the most modern stuff, but what should we expect from a fragrance that (despite the date mentioned on this page) comes to us from almost 50 years ago ? So "Gentlemanly" is probably the proper term. I'm plenty old myself, and remember scents like this, so perhaps my perspective is skewed and this fragrance would be viewed differently by a younger person. But at my age, I find myself a bit frightened to be reminded how old I really am, and I found the smell of Kanon did have a tendency to remind me of that.

However, the other surprise I took away from Kanon was the fact that an inexpensive fragrance like this ( under $20, and sometimes under $10) does not have to smell cheap or poorly thought-out. This is clearly a well-made fragrance, and serves to embarrass those of us who happily shell out large sums of money for many of the lesser fragrances we purchase.

Perhaps this fragrance is not for me, and should be viewed as more of a lesson in history, but good quality stuff none the less.

BobJ 8 years ago
Wonderful Comfort Frag.
If you are one of those who loves Tea for Two, it will probably come as no surprise that this is from Olivia Giacobetti too.

Just about as personally comforting as they come, and while one may have to do a lot of repeat-spraying to stay with the charming parts, if you are looking to simply be put at ease, around the home and at bedtime too, this delightful thing will be well worth your time.

BobJ 8 years ago
Comfort Frag...

Along with Safran Troublant, another unisex comfort frag from LA. If you love ST, you'll certainly enjoy this as well.

Reflexively, if you love this, you owe it to yourself to give Safran Troublant a try too. From an emotional standpoint they are two beautiful but non-identical twins.

So if you need not to be challenged, but put to rest and set at ease instead, a couple of delightful types for this form of true contentment from L'Artisan.

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