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Boszka79 9 years ago 9

Animalic powder bombshell.
Casbah is my first love...and the most precious treasure in my collection.

I was 13, when I smelled first this beauty in 1992.After when it's came out to the market I've got a tiny little sample from my ex-classmate whose mother was an Avon-lady in the 90's.I guarded this tiny purple sample for long years in a small jewelry box.:)After 18 years (in 2010) finally I got a full bottle on my hands.

Casbah is about powder and spices. For those who in deep love with powder, musk and orientals-Casbah is the heaven itself.

No doubt, Casbah has the typical late 80's vibe, it's absolutely reflects the animalic and oriental floral features of this decade. Similar scent are came out in the middle 80's as 273 Rodeo Drive by Fred Hayman and Bijan Bijan.

Casbah is a powder a good way.Sultry and captivating.Rich and bold floriental twisted by warm spices..Seductive marriage of the notes,hazy yet intensive combination of iris and musk.Rose, sandal and spices makes the heady accord rounded and deep.It’s becomes more intimate as the skin’s heat pulses through it.
Intoxicant and mesmerizing..

The durability of the scent is it ingrains into the skin, this beautiful smell just lingering around me more than a day!!Well made quality perfume is this.
I'm a proud owner of this splendid fragrance.

Casbah is infected me in the past and it's seems that I will never recover from this "illness"...but I don't even want to be...;)

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Pure essence of green.
Puressence like a sparkling moisture on the side of a "sweating" glass in the summer heat. Or it's like a refreshing green ice tea with ice cubes inside without sugar.

I like Puressence. I like it, because it's not like another typical Oriflame creation with fruity and sweet elements inside. Puressence is different.Literally a pure essence of green and herbacious ingredients.Refreshing yet smooth and harmonious mixture of the notes.

After the vehemence and loud start the pungent bitterness of the orange blossom settles down quickly into a fizzy-smokiness.Piquant basil and earthy vetiver sweetens by ylang. The final result is like a green basil smoke.

It's understandable, this new innovation is divides the camp of the Oriflame fans, but I like the conception of this perfume, finally Oriflame entered the new perspectives of the unisex olfactory challenges.Yes,I think chemistry of man's skin would beautifully amplifies the vetiver in this fragrance.

Due this is an eco perfume, unfortunately it's doesn't last too long on the skin but it otherwise it feels made from quality ingredients and it smells very natural.

...and last but not least...generally I don't care perfume bottles.I purchase my perfumes for the liquid inside.But I have to say this bottle is adorable.I like its design, the colour and the shape of it and the wooden cap is just genius!!:)

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Sunhine-enclosed in a honeydrop.:)
If I should be portrayed with a picture how Lys Soleia smells exactly on my skin, I so I would do...: This perfume like a glinting sunlight in a golden honey drop what is sitting on a blooming lily petal. This perfume is instantly captured and bottled sunlight.:)

Lys Soleia is a beautiful and sprightly perfume. I'd call it diffusive and luxurious. So far,- next to Flora Nymphea-, this blend is another well-made and highly enjoyable floral scent from the Aqua Allegoria line.Currently two lily-based summer fragrance I have in my collection, one is Lys Soleia ( I just love the name:), another is Baiser Volé by Cartier,-and I really love them both!:)

Lys Soleia is a realistic image of the sun drenched flower, it's a breezy white floral perfume with tropical facets. The scent very green and crisp during the opening but as it dries down it stays focused on the lily. The tropical flowers give a spicy edge to the breezy medley.The main chord is a sunkissed,creamy, honeyed lily smell-unexpectedly exotic and "gold-smelling".Before the whole thing settles down to a musky velvet, vanilla gives a spiky quality to the balanced sweetness.
Lys Soleia is a remarkable and memorable fragrance, contrary to many white floral perfumes on the market nowadays.

Is it true that this perfume intented for summer wear,I still would say this scent is could be too overpowering and headache-causing in hot weather.So I recommend to apply moderate or use it on the cooler summer days.

I think, Lys Soleia takes a little more than I expected from a lily-based fragrance.It turned to be my new summer favorit, and on those cloudy days when I need a big dose of sunlight, definitely this perfume is that I firstly reached for.

Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia is a piece of art, a sunkissed, beautiful still life.

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Mulled wine and gingerbread.
M.O.U.S.S.E. by Oliver & Co. is a soft aromatic perfume. It has a kind of gourmand quality, on my skin it's definitely smells like spiced mulled wine.It has a strange Christmas mood,the blend of the notes evokes the image of Christmas market with its feeling and scents.

The clove and lime with the lavender firmly shines through on the soft musky-sandal base, the composition is twisted by piquancy and sensuality.MOUSSE is a warm and comforting fragrance with rounded edges and solid,sheer crispness.

Mousse by Oliver & Co. is a memory of a winter holiday with soul-warming feelings.:)

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A niche Truth or Dare
It's seems in 2012 many perfume companies came up at least one white floral fragrance, one of them is DUNARD by Oliver & Co. Beside Truth or Dare,-Dunard could be a sophisticated sister of Madonna's signature scent.

Dunard by Oliver & Co. is a discreet and youthful presentation of tuberose. Creamy yet translucent white floral with spicy twists, the "second skin" description absolutely correct for the scent.

The fruity opening immediately turns into a slightly spiced sweetness on a creamy woody background.Ylang and jasmine rounded the tuberose's strong character,sandal and vanilla gives a refined quality to the scent.Dunard has no harsh edges nor annoying projection. Dunard is a chic and pleasant, easy-to-wear fragrance with moderate sillage.

As the blend warms up on the skin, the petals bloom with their beautiful,dreamy odour.

Dunard is a complex,refined yet alluring alternative for those, whose love tuberose perfumes, and perfect choice for those, whose looking for a low-key quality fragrance for daily use.

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