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Bruhman8000Bruhman8000 10 months ago
Acqua di Sale - Profumum Roma

Acqua di Sale Salted Caramel on the Beach
In short, this fragrance is oily and aquatic. I don't immediately get the sale that's so prevalent but eventually, it pops up. The spray does more than justice needed for this oily giant and relaxes the wearer after the first hour....

Bruhman8000Bruhman8000 1 year ago
Black Pepper - Demeter Fragrance Library / The Library Of Fragrance

Black Pepper Shadowy Pile of Misery
This fragrance wreaks of chemically created pepper accord and nothing else. I smelled this and wanted to vomit. I had been on a recent kick where I loved everything pepper related. From fragrance to food to the Beatles album... Pepper was on a win streak...

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I can't with this one. It's a no for me (in my Simon voice.)


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