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Not gonna waste any time on how I feel about this one. This is one of the best things I have ever smelled but it just fleets immediately. This didn't stop me from buying the bottle as the natural cherry scent with rose nuance was one of the most magical experiences I have ever had with a fragrance. It's almost linear with cherry and almond throughout with a tart cherry dry down. I tried wild cherry by Mancera and they both are everything that the other is not. This is natural, delicate, fruity but fleeting. Mancera wild cherry is synthetic but "beast mode" projection and longevity. It's ironic how both of those fragrances miss where the other lands a great achievement. Aside from the most beautiful tom ford has ever had I find it difficult to justify this $325 purchase I just made. This is only for the cherry lover and serious collectors. Great but not $325 great.


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This is a refreshing burst of energy out of the shower in a bottle. It's bright and inoffensive. If I could compare it to anything I would say it's like lemon-mint bubblegum. There's nothing special that pops out from the notes aside from the mint and cardamom which probably give it that strong projection. Yes its a projection bomb(on my skin at least) that cast its cloud for no less than 6 hours on my skin and is a decent minty skin scent for a few hours after that. Whatever they did to concoct this lovely fragrance and give it this much depth should be echoed in my other favorites in this same vein. This is sure to please the the veterans or casual users alike. The only reason it doesn't get a higher mark from me is that it's not unique in the slightest but with price point, performance, and likability- I give this one the green light in my book.


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This fragrance is one of the best chocolate fragrances I have ever smelled. The notes marry perfectly together to form a fragrance that reminds you of a devil cake. That's the best I can do to describe it. It opens up with a fresh chocolate smell that dries down to a bitter chocolate which is the same taste you get from coffee after taste or a cooking chocolate if you've ever eaten that. It's nutty and creamy but the chocolate base remains throughout. This fragrance starts of sweet and finishes bitter. This Gourmand from the house of Panah London is like a desert liquer that can be paired with a nice meal( if people were food lol). This is a top notch chocolate frag worth checking out. I give this a 8/10 only because the longevity and sillage do not blow me away. This is a formal gourmand and more towards chocolate lovers. Not a daily fragrance but a damn good one though.

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This scent piece takes an elegant spin on modern oud fragrances. It's rosey with a champagne vibe(bitter and sweet on the backwash). I think it's the ambergris in the background that gives it that type of aquatic and bitter vibe to it. Still the florals are the key to this one. Rose and patchouli make this slightly green and floral but totally sexy on any woman or man who wears it. It projects about 4-5 feet for a good 6 hours on my skin and is a sweet skin scent after that like most rose-oud combinations. It's important to note that hardcore perfume people might complain if they don't get the medicinal oud smell( I love that skanky smell) on the first pump but you get a natural oud smell in the cloud that will linger for the few hours you have it on your skin.

If this were a designer it would be a Dior. It's not the first house to mix rose and oud but they made it out to be a floral oud and this fragrance would definitely fit amongst the more prominent houses that feature ouds like Tom Ford or MFK which I consider the top of the line when it comes to Oud. I think the Panah Company in London reached back to their roots in India to make a pleasant scent for the casual user whether the the user is a fan of oud or not. Both the simple and sexy design of the bottle make this collection worthy. This doesn't kick the same way some way an MFK scent would but that's part of what makes this a daily reach and viable in any weather/occasion. This perfume checks the major blocks on wearability and compliment factor(if you even care about that type of thing.)

Although this fragrance is very well blended and high quality, I could not stand it after wearing it for an hour. I tried to give it a chance but the melon note was potent. I expected the melon to fall off after an hour or so but nope! It kept kicking. It's funny how notes work sometimes that the notes you don't like seem to last and project the strongest. Anywho... The fragrance started out with a strong melon and aquatic misty vibe then transitioned to a sweet woody mess(could be good if you like that type of thing). The patchouli didn't have the mature vibe but rather youthful late 90's smells like A-men and others(I actually like some of these lol.) I can't think of an appropriate to where melons as this seems to be the fatal flaw of this fragrance. It's not that it's bad but it's bad to my nose. If you like a strong melon scent that projects across the room this could be for you. But it's a no for me. The perfumer is excellent and I love many of his creations(like Bergamust and ilore) but not this one. It gets points for style and uniqueness and being an atomic bomb of a fragrance but I can't stand that melon note in it.

I give it a 5/10. Try before you buy.

I was expecting bergamot but I wasn't prepared for this type of tart lively freshness. This fragrance is a full body freshie to the likes of very few contemporaries. It opens with a blast of young citrus fruit. The orange blossom and bergamot are nice combination of sour and sweet, but not too sweet. The fragrance is quite unique despite having all these common notes. I'd say he blended these rather well. The fragrance is perfect for all occasions but if you're a mood type wearer like myself I would recommend having this at hand for hot days as the sweat along with the iso e super is a thing of beauty but not messy like many other frags that utilize chemical. How this managed to marry the chemical notes with the natural is beyond me. This fragrance has the ability to suit every person on every occasion if it's your taste. I should mention that some people are sensitive to Iso e and ambroxan but you they don't stick out as this is a linear frag and in the dry down you only detect musk woods and slight citrus(probably orange blossom.)

Its projection is moderate to about 1-1.5 meters and it lasts about 8 hours on my skin with projection at about 3-4 hours. It garners several compliments(if you care about that type of thing.) I rate it a 9/10.

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My wife and I both really enjoyed this fresh floral, synthetic, mess of a fragrance. I mean that in a good way. I smelled Love in White when it first came out and was not impressed. I thought it was synthetic and plain. I had a sample that was in the closet and my wife wore it and I was blown away. Two things I didn't notice before: the bitterness, or freshness. The fragrance is a sneaky projection bomb and reminds me of classic unisex scents of the early 90's. And then there's that. The scent is unisex to my nose and could easily be worn by me. I ordered my wife a bottle but I think I'm definitely going to give it a whirl as this fragrance almost reminds me of Comme De Garcons 2 which is another synthetic bomb that I enjoy thoroughly. Creed may need to reconsider their marketing techniques as I am not sure how many women are going to appreciate the bitterness of the fragrance and the lack of florals to push this further on the side of femininity. Good job for the scent but bad job on the marketing Creed. I give this fragrance a 8.5 overall.

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From the story behind it, to the way it is packaged in the box, this fragrance is contained beautifully. This is indicative of the fragrance therein. I expected this fragrance to be on the feminine side considering the notes but I was surprised it came off as masculine on my skin. I was also expecting it to smell like a vintage Chanel. I was way off. This fragrance kicks the ginger and citrus notes off and it stays the same throughout. The sweet, citrusy fragrance is backed up by a beautiful vanilla woody background. What I got in the opening occurred in the drydown. I think many purists would be turned off by that, but a more casual user would really appreciate this lemon honeysuckle fragrance. This fragrance only projects for the first couple of hours but it never goes away completely. As a skin scent I say it's a winner. It's unique and in the heat this might provide all kinds of pleasure.

It was created long ago and re-released but it doesn't feel dated at all. The notes are simple and well blended. Eight & Bob is a simplistic beauty that will often go overlooked.

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This perfume comes across as sweet and then powdery. I think it's the patchouli and the resin that give me this sick feeling. If you can stand that overwhelming syrupy, sweet citrus after an hour or so I think you will be fine. I found this fragrance to be unisex with a youthful vibe. The way this fragrance projected from my skin gave me a headache. Yes, this what fragrance heads call Beast Mode! Perhaps this is more fit for cooler weather and the fruity punch-smelling opening fooled me into thinking otherwise. I wore this three times because I really wanted to give this a chance. I used two sprays that lasted all day from 0600-2000 when I got home. Unfortunately for me I could not stand the all day sweetness. This smells like some sort of fruity kool aid with a semi-masculine musk in the background. Almost anyone can wear this but this is not for me. It garnered lots of compliments each time I wore it. I walked through and airport, mall, a college campus, and a sporting event. The reaction was the same everywhere. They said WOW and I was like how. If I were a glutton for compliments I would put this and just take the pain but unfortunately for the rest of the world I do not love it the same way they do.

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This fragrance is out of this world. Pay this rant no mind but this frag gets busy. On the opening it is strong as an ox. On the opening this fragrance smells simple and dated. I could compare it to Polo green or any generic scent like old spice or brut. That's when the magic happens. The lemon and bergamot bloom after the the alcohol smells dries down and it's amazing. Normally I would not break character and have to write about a fragrance from my collection but it's oh-so-worthy. This composition mixes the old with the new in my opinion without using anything synthetic. Pour monsieur and Edition Blanche by Chanel can all take seats. The king is here. To explain how this fragrance works I will say that it smells like a lemon tart from from a fancy restaurant. This balanced and I could smell most notes of this for at least two hours. It went from citrusy to masculine and brut. This frag much like Aventus make cross over into every style of fragrance since it drew notes from all across the spectrum. Don't miss out on this as I think it's my new all time favorite.