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BunjabaBunjaba 1 year ago
Black Saffron (Eau de Parfum) - Byredo

Black Saffron (Eau de Parfum) What Tuscan Leather should have been
The first niche fragrance I ever bought was Black Saffron. Then, I traded it for Tuscan Leather. Then, I sold the Tuscan Leather and bought another bottle of Black Saffron. This is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful fragrances...

BunjabaBunjaba 1 year ago
Patchouli Wood - Ajmal

Patchouli Wood Very, very strange.
To me, this does not live up to its name. Kind-of. There is wood, definitely. Agarwood. But it's a strange oud. It's not that authentic horse-manure oud like you find in Xerjoff Al-Khat or Thomas Kosmala Bukhoor, but it isn't that medicinal oud you find...


AnessaAnessa 2 years ago
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