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Dark & Mysterious
This perfumes is basically the reason why I started collecting perfumes. I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga and when she announced this, I had to have it. This perfume is unique for one reason: the black fluid. Have you ever seen a perfume where the liquid was black? Besides that, the box is simple and elegant. I mean who wants their first perfume to be extravagant? (Well, Gaga is extravagant and so was the commercial for this perfume lol). The bottle is simple yet very Gaga. The egg shaped bottle with an avant-garde-ish gold cap that is supposed to represent claws. Now onto the scent. When you spray it, you get that very fruity and mysterious scent which is caused by the apricot, honey and frankincense. The apricot gives this fragrance its fruity essence, the honey gives it its sweet essence and finally the frankincense gives it its mysterious essence. The jasmine and tiger orchid appear when the fragrance softens. You will smell their light trail while still smelling the notes I mentioned earlier. Overall, I really like this perfume. It's a dark fruity & mysterious scent with a floral undertone. In my opinion, this scent is a hit or miss. So, if you're interested into buying this perfume, you should try it first. I'll always remember this perfume as the reason why I started collecting perfumes.
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Classy White Floral
Truth Or Dare is not people's favorite scent and I understand. I remember I got it in 2013 when it was on sale. I was chocked when I saw it because I didn't even know that they had it and bought it, instantly. The box is simple but chic at the same time. The bottle is also simple but chic. I like the little "spots" on the bottle. The cap reminds me of a crown (I don't know if she made it to look like a crown but anyway). The scent is a straight up floral scent. Obviously, there isn't any fruit. My mother personally loves this scent. She loves jasmine-y scents and as soon as she smelled it, she said "it smells like jasmine" before I even looked at the notes. And she was right. But jasmine is not the most "out there" note. Tuberose is the one that is like "Hey, I'm here!". If it was a pure white floral scent, it will gave me a headache but it didn't. That means that something else is noticeable which is the vanilla. The vanilla gives the white flowers a softer smell that doesn't give me a headache. It is very nice. This smell is very classy! I understand that some people don't like this scent because it isn't a playful fruity scent or anything else. If you need a white floral scent with a hint of vanilla, voilĂ !

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Night time fruity
Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears the most popular Fantasy perfume after the original Fantasy. The box to this one is a dark blue/purple color with a forest style pattern all over the box, still with the fantasy-esque theme. The bottle is the same as Fantasy but with a dark blue color with light blue crystals all over the bottle. This was the 2nd perfume I have got in my collection. The scent represents exaclty the name *Midnight Fantasy*.
It is a night time scent but also fantasy-esque because of the fruitiness (there are not really much night time scents that are very fruity). At first spray, you get that smack of fruits mixed together: raspberry, plum and sour cherry (and these are also the notes that makes this fragrance a night time scent). Because of the sour cherry, you can feel this slight smell of citrus. And when it dries down, you can smell the fruitiness of the scent but with a nice veil of vanilla behind. I love this scent! This one also reminds me some memories. If you need a night time fruity scent, there you go!

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Sweet & Gourmand
Fantasy is such an iconic perfume from Britney. It is her 2nd perfume and it became more popular than Curious. Fantasy is the first perfume ever that I've got and that is the perfume that made me collect celebrity perfumes. The box has a very Fantasy-esque design. Pink, white, green and blue. The bottle is a basic pink round bottle with green crystals on it. At the initial spray, you get that strong gourmand scent with a hint of citrus that will stay on you for a long time. The cupcake and white chocolate give that gourmand scent and the quince is the note that has a little citrus vibe. It directly reminds me of a pastry! When you enter, you smell that gourmand & sweet paradise. I really like Fantasy! And it also reminds me a lot of memories since it was my first ever perfume! Everyone should try this! If you like sweet and gourmand scents, this one is for you!

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