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5 years ago
Scent 8.0
Eau Gourmande - Crème de Pistache by Laura Mercier

Eau Gourmande - Crème de Pistache„Sexy, Creamy, Pistachio Nuts”
Creme de pistache wasn't everything I hoped for but it came pretty close. The top notes are a delicious and amazing blast of pistachio nuts and cream. Sort of like pistachio ice cream. This incredible stage is short lived as the perfume dries down to a more...

5 years ago
Scent 7.0
Glam Princess by Vera Wang

Glam Princess„Unique Princess”
When I first started collecting perfumes at one point I had something from every princess. The original, glam princess, rock princess, and preppy princess. This is the only princess I ever really liked and held onto. It's one of the few perfumes I actually used up completely....

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5 years ago

CakeCuddles„The Ultimate Test”
My no buy has been going on for 5 months now and I got about 8 more months left to go. I just gotta say, shoot this has been getting easier and easier, but it's never easy :P. I have to owe it to my friends for helping me curve my cravings lately, I've received a plethora of goodies out of the blue and I'm bathing in sweet floral scents galore. My favorite thing about my no buy is how much it's gotten me to appreciate perfumes again. Buying myself perfume all the time didn't make me that happy,...


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Pusheeeeeeeen! I mean, hi.
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Thank you! I'm nuts about them, lol.
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I am glad you found Parfumo. Have fun.
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Thanks I will digindirty
Great to see u too hayven :D
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