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CakeCuddlesCakeCuddles 8 years ago
Eau Gourmande - Crème de Pistache - Laura Mercier

Eau Gourmande - Crème de Pistache Sexy, Creamy, Pistachio Nuts
Creme de pistache wasn't everything I hoped for but it came pretty close. The top notes are a delicious and amazing blast of pistachio nuts and cream. Sort of like pistachio ice cream. This incredible stage is short lived as the perfume...

CakeCuddlesCakeCuddles 8 years ago
Glam Princess - Vera Wang

Glam Princess Unique Princess
When I first started collecting perfumes at one point I had something from every princess. The original, glam princess, rock princess, and preppy princess. This is the only princess I ever really liked and held onto. It's one of the few perfumes...

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CakeCuddles 8 years ago

CakeCuddlesThe Ultimate Test
My no buy has been going on for 5 months now and I got about 8 more months left to go. I just gotta say, shoot this has been getting easier and easier, but it's never easy :P. I have to owe it to my friends for helping me curve my cravings lately, I've received a plethora of goodies out of the blue and I'm bathing in sweet floral scents galore. My favorite...

CakeCuddles 8 years ago

CakeCuddlesNo Buy, The Ultimate Test
I realize my last blog post was quite angsty, but clear skies have came and am honestly a lot less tempted these days. In part, I seriously owe my friends for that one. I've gotten so many hand me down bottles lately with a stroke of luck. It's certainly has made me very happy, and very appreciative. I think my favorite part of a no buy is learning...


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Thank you! I'm nuts about them, lol.
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