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Gbence9Gbence9 14 days ago
Thank you for the deal Alex,
Everything went smooth, and a sample also sento to me as a present.
Highly recommended, see you sson
MiaSmaMiaSma 6 months ago
Thank you for the deal A,
fuss free communication, fast and secure shipping-shopping.
Highly recommended. Looking forward to do business with you again.
sunny regards,
CaineCaine 12 months ago
As always, everything just perfect. Thank you again!
ControversyControversy 1 year ago
Dear Alex, thank you for the amazing set of decants ! They will be test one by one and certainly enjoyed by me. Thanks again for your trust and generosity, best regards C.
ScensodineScensodine 1 year ago
Thank you for the fast payment and nice communication. Looking forward to the next time :-)
CaineCaine 1 year ago
Everything was perfect, serious buyer and great transaction. Highly recommended!
TetrodotoxTetrodotox 2 years ago
Dear A.! Many, many thanks for this new deal and for hosting all the sharings I participated in, it's gonna take a while before I test everything. Special thank you for your patience with me while I wasn't home, for your suggestions, and for your ever polite & kind correspondence. 'Till next time for sure! Wishing you well!
TetrodotoxTetrodotox 3 years ago
Well, here's to another great transaction! Thank you for hosting the sharing of "Salamanca" as well as for your quick and secure shipment & your generosity ;-) I look forward to deal with you again soon and I could not recommend you more to anyone! Top contact! 'Till next time!
BejanoirBejanoir 3 years ago
Thanks for a awesome swap! Looking forward to do business with you again. Highly recommend.
TetrodotoxTetrodotox 3 years ago
First of all, thank you for hosting the sharings I participated in. Thanks also for the great deals, your kindness and generosity. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to dealing with you again! 'Till next time!