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CallasCallas 9 years ago
Bergamote Boisée - Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger

Bergamote Boisée Experience in Berlin
At the Parfumo meeting we visit the 'Berlin paradise of the smells'. We were immediately welcomed very friendly by Mario Worms who wanted to help us to fulfilling our smell wishes immediately. We admired many known brands in the gigantic...

CallasCallas 10 years ago
Love (Perfume) - Lush / Cosmetics To Go

Love (Perfume) Sweet Flirt
At the order of bathing balls at Lush a sample of this smell was enclosed. I for once quote of the home page in Austria: "An innocent, summery perfume which is so sweet and tingling like the first love. This smell dances on the skin and one reminds...




GuusjeGuusje 7 years ago
Hi there < 3
Just wanted to let you know that I do a scent related project again on YouTube : )

SMELL & TELL NOVEMBER ----> You can watch the TRAILER! here
Daily uploads with lots of information!
Not only about perfume, but just Guus being Guus: rambling about everything and anything ;)
Hope you will feel inspired by SMELL & TELL NOVEMBER!
xoxo Guusje
GothicHeartGothicHeart 7 years ago
Don't we all need some guidance from time to time in order to find what we treasure the most? Thanks a million!
GothicHeartGothicHeart 7 years ago
Actually the ideas belong to the fragrances depicted. I am simply the vessel through which they speak. In other words they use me, instead of me using them...Thank you very-very much!
GothicHeartGothicHeart 7 years ago
Hooray Callas! Thanks a million!
GuusjeGuusje 8 years ago
Hallihallo :) Alles Liebe von Uns xxx
GothicHeartGothicHeart 8 years ago
Mille merci pour O Oui!
GuusjeGuusje 9 years ago
Alles Gute und Alles Liebe! xxx :D
GuusjeGuusje 9 years ago
Meine Liebe, auch Ich will wunderschone Tagen Wunschen! Alles Gute < 3 und wir reden balt wieder ok! Ich freuhe mich xxx
GuusjeGuusje 10 years ago
Hallihallo wie gehts? :) xxx
GuusjeGuusje 10 years ago
Wunderbares gescheht zuhr wunderbare Menschen... xoxox