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2 years ago - 21.03.2020
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About perfumes, their clones and their mirrors...

I am almost always against the existence of a perfume copy market. However, the name "look alike" and / or "clone" can have a very broad sense in perfumery. Exceptions to the concept, which I consider derogatory, of copying or cloning can occur in several ways, namely when:

1) Perfumes dubbed "copies" after all are not even copies, but original fragrances. I will give examples:

- Animale Animale is considered a cheap copy of A * Men. But it shouldn't be because it was released before. I do not think that Thierry Mugler objectively cloned Animale's perfume, which until then was a designer from Indonesia perfectly unknown.

- Cuba Gold is considered a very cheap copy of Le Male. But I shouldn't have because it was released earlier, or at least I found this information from different independent sources.

2) The copy may have some (slight or strong) differences from the original perfume. But it can also be perhaps more attractive to many noses, regardless of whether it is more attractive to the wallet. I will give examples:

- I like the Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man better than the Creed Aventus (I have both).

- I like Ard Al Zaafaran's Midnight Oud better than Amouage's Interlude Man (I have both)

3) The perfume considered original was discontinued and disappeared from the market. However my nose can dictate to me the desire to continue to smell it. Solution? Find a "look alike" that satisfies me and can replace it. Example?

- My beloved Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels, launched in 2010, was discontinued and simply evaporated from the market. In this case, the solution for me was to replace it with Bvlgari's Bvlgari Black, which was even launched in 1998. Surely none of them ever intended to be a clone of the other. However, their resemblance fully satisfies me.

4) Outside the concept of "clone" or "copy" that I don't like , there is also the concept of similar that I like, give attention and use often. The example can be simple:

- The perfume that I consider to be my signature today is the Miller Harris Étui Noir that few people know. If someone asks me about it, the shortest and most accurate answer is to say that it is similar to Memo Paris' Cuirs Nomades - Irish Leather. Neither is a copy of the other, but that does not mean that one cannot remember the other.

You are welcome to share your opinion as well.

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