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Carlossp 12 months ago
Of the best in its genre of 2019
It is a beautiful, bright perfume with a lemon that I think is the famous Japanese Yozu, instead of the typical neroli, its opening is citric but immediately it is perceived as it is accompanied by the other citrics.

At its inception is the gray Amber that merges with the citrics and frangipani, adding in that process the jasmin, the cedar and a wonderful sandalwood, this process lasts about 4 hours.
In that space of 4 hours the smell is perceived that forms an aura on you, this perfume is sensational since it is not the typical floral perfume with vanilla and wood.

The Ambar is always present, it is appreciated fix the other components, but if you notice a salty touch of something animal, not corral, cheese or something similar, if not very natural.

A big surprise I love this from Bortnikoff, you can see the quality of the products, at all times the oud that never happens to be the protagonist is an accompaniment.

Very long duration as 8/9 hours, the last 3 in the skin but it is perceived if one moves, it may be one of my last purchases that I have done best in relation quality / price / duration.

Carlossp 19 months ago
This seems to be a tribute to Tribute de Amouage made by Sultan Pasha, as references some take Tribute and the many of Montale as base Rosa / Saffron / Incense / Leather and Tobacco, De Montale will not make any comment as I consider it a continuous succession of certain perfumes with very repetitive notes.

The first thing to indicate is that both are Attars (oils), if we compare their prices per ml it seems that the same is exorbitant, if in the comparison we put the variable of its use (quantity) it is not so much its price in comparison of many perfumes with alcohol that are on the market.

The two coincide in many of the notes that compose it, Tribute has an authentic and characteristic incense from Oman, it is spicy and at the same time dark, but clean by the jasmine combination. The rose in no time predominates in the perfume, if not that it makes everything work. Something incredible, wonderful, a pity this discontinued.

In short, a jewel of oriental perfumery, if you go to the countries of the Gulf try to find it, if possible white box

Regarding Ame Sombre G1, it is a great homage, it is a current interpretation of Tribute. In this attar the biggest difference in the beginning is that this rose is with the saffron in its bright and striking opening, the incense here is more subtle, it may be because of the jasmine that makes it lighter.

The quality of the components of this attar are incredible, it can be somewhat linear in its process, but those tobacco leaves together with honey, leather and resins, make a set of beautifully assembled notes, can be more dense and heavy than Tribute, it may be the result of its beginning of a golden and floral honey, after that beginning of the honey, the musk takes the control in the direction along with the tobacco and the leather

In short, I advise you to try it, but in 99% of the cases I am convinced that you will be enthusiastic, like most of the Sultan Attars.

Carlossp 22 months ago
I did not understand this
It is complex, different, difficult to adapt to this perfume, it is an oriental mixture, it is heavy, fruity and dark as Adam himself indicates on his website.

It is the only fragrance of this house that I did not like, I thought it would be like an artillery cannon, but I do not know if it is not well made or that it has too many notes that fight to be the prima donna.

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Carlossp 22 months ago
Natural and wild
A great Chypre, which is transforming into an oriental, is animal, but without overwhelming, then it becomes the greatest I have ever tasted and have.

It is as its name suggests, how to transport you to a wild place, but at the same time pure and natural, it seems a lie that results in a fresh and spicy aroma, but at the same time spent animal minutes

Carlossp 22 months ago
27/5000 It is a classic / modern jewel

This to be his start in perfumery, is one of the greatest perfumes (Attars) that I have and have known.

It is like an original Guerlain classic, it is perceived vintage but at the same time modern, it is clearly perceived a set of different roses, but not the typical pink / azafran / oud.

In this case it is a set of authentic Oud that Adam himself has directed in the distillation with his house Feel Oud, it is great the set of Oud included in this attar.

Its opening in like a bouquet of flowers, (roses, frangipani), is not the typical rose is a fruity rose, with some great ouds.

In short, a masterpiece by Adam, with top quality products, 90% natural, can be expensive, but it's worth it, luckily we have a bottle of this.

Clearly they have said that the perfumes of this house do not come back to produce with the original name, they are limited edition.

For me 10/10

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