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CastlemanCastleman 12 days ago
Slut (2020) - Aaron Terence Hughes

Slut (2020) Not as slutty as I was expecting !
I expected this to be darker or more intense but I find it an intoxicating citrus, sweet (fruity/floral) fragrance. I don't get a strong 'dirt' or animalistic scent. I really like it and it is different. I could wear this during...

CastlemanCastleman 29 days ago
Onyx - Aaron Terence Hughes

Onyx A Beast
The scent is original, sexy, and is the only one I have ever put on a 8AM one day and I can clearly smell it on my skin the following morning. The rose and oud combination is exquisite. I only find it slightly sweet and I get the green note in the base which...


DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 9 months ago
Hi Castleman, welcome to Parfumo! :-)