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CellCell 1 year ago
Essence Musk - Ferrari

Essence Musk An ok mint/musk based fragrance...
After several years of wanting this, I've finally pulled the trigger. Well, for the price I've paid I can say that its ok...not great. At least I can now cross it out of my list. The musk here is not the animalic, dirty musk found...

CellCell 1 year ago
Najdia - Lattafa / لطافة

Najdia Invictus Aqua experience for less...
Title says it all. If you love Invictus Aqua, then you will love this. Great performance, great packaging and most of all, great value for money. I don't know about other markets but I got the bottle that comes with the body...

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I have the 2019 edition and I don't know the difference between it and the other editions. Hopefully, those two will get added.


DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 5 years ago
Hey Cell, welcome to Parfumo! :-)