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Honeydew on a sea of flowers in the green valley of the spring fairies
Tinkerbell has a new favorite scent: Hummingbird! Created by my favorite fragrance artist Shelley Waddington, who otherwise produces the fabulous, fairytale-like EnVoyage fragrances, this dream of a flower perfume is one of the most commercial from the zoologist series of Victor Wong.
I love it!
At first, a delicate, but only slightly sweet breath rose to my nose, underlined by green, fresh-flowered notes. This develops in the further course of the fragrance in a creamier, green direction, in order to become increasingly flowery-velvetwoody. I can see/smell similarities with Jardins de Bagatelle, the only green Guerlain fragrance I've ever used for a long time, but JdB is less pleasing-cuddly. This makes Hummingbird superior to it.
The delicate nectar and the millions of flowerbuds form a cloud of bliss, which accompanies and inspires me for a long time.
A veritable poem! Very wearable and durable. A mainstreamer among the Zoologist creations, which nevertheless stands out positively from the mass of the flowery fragrances by its delicacy.