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ChapeauClack 8 years ago

ChapeauClackChapeau's Perfumescope Part I: Water Signs
  Chapeau's Perfumescope Part I: Water Signs   Cancer Cancers are the archivists of Zodiac. Lovers of history and makers of family trees, they like flea markets, antique sales and vintages. They are the ones most likely to regard perfumes as works of art rather than accessories/design pieces.  Being the homebodies...

ChapeauClack 8 years ago

ChapeauClackPerfume Likened to Second-Hand Smoking in China
I often get asked what's the general take on perfumery among the Chinese population. Having lived in Beijing for almost nine years now, I've always been quite skeptical of the locals' treatment of the subject. One has to understand, I'm only talking about Beijing though, and Beijing has a very specific historical and economical...

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ChapeauClackThe Agua Lavanda Review That's Grown Out Of Control
I must confess, I am one of those old-fashioned women who swear by lavender and whose house is never without it. We're talking lavender sachets and soaps in every drawer, lavender pillows in bed, lavender skincare, lavender-scented detergents, relatives bringing lavender souvenirs from their trips to lavender-rich regions,...