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Scent of a woman
Pour Une Femme de Caron immediately upon application strikes me as quite an unruly concoction. The first half hour or so actually makes me think of ELdO's Jasmin et Cigarette. The name, not the scent. It's almost as if the top notes consisted of two completely separate entities, one being a strange bubble-gummy floral on the verge of decay, the other a heavy dose of automobile exhaust.
Incompatible, immature, lacking cohesion and downright weird as it may seem, these clashing notes nonetheless possess an inexplicable allure, more than a mere hint of things to come, a promise that, once we look past the grim post-industrial era facade, beauty shall be revealed.
And revealed it is. From the sweet rose-infused incense in the heart to the ultra feminine musky drydown, Pour Une Femme is pure bliss. The florals are creamy and seamlessly blended into an opaque amalgam, the sandalwood and incense provide an exotic backdrop without ever so much as a step in the headshop direction. This soft hazy sleepy golden mezzo keeps on for hours before slipping effortlessly into a beautiful musky afterglow. Personally I grew quite wary of anything ending in Musk, given all those perfumes out there which promise a lot only to deliver a nose singeing laundry effect at the end of their party. Pour Une Femme is clearly not one of those. Its musk is "your skin but better" done to perfection, its texture reminiscent of sweet warm milk. .
I guess, it might be considered somewhat "dark", as all Caron generally are, but first and foremost, if applied cautiosly, it's comfortable, soft and grown up. Spraying on hair and clothes rather than skin, or better yet dabbing, renders the exhaust stage almost nonexistent.

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