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As its been said, there's a lot of differences between vintage and the recent versions, even more so with parfum to edt!

The current EDT I have is more like a violet candy with suede note thrown in. Slightly loud on the floral at first spray but it calms down quickly. I don't get any tobacco or oakmoss at all. Sillage is a little heavy at first but lightens considerably (I use 3-4 sprays), but longevity is quite bad, about 3-4 hours.

The vintage parfum is way way deeper and lasts a long time. leather in this borders on horse stable (could be the added civet who knows) and I FINALLY get tobacco in all its gloriousness! And though I smell the florals I can now pick out different ones. Like, I now can tell its violet leaf, rose, jasmine dirtyness and gardenia;. I don't smell any tuberose at all to be honest. I can smell the vetiver as well. These notes to me smell way more natural...likely because they were, than the more recent version. The musk is really divine here, its way in the back but not harsh its just beautiful.

This perfume has multiple stages, and its really nice to finally get them.

Now that I have the vintage I do smell the syntheticness of the current version. I would advise that if you already like and enjoy the current, don't get vintage, sometimes its best to not know, pandora's box and all that.

Its unusual for sure in both recent and vintage versions but, its no contest as to what smells better to me.

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Because I love tuberose my review is going to be slanted. Yes you get tuberose up front. Its not loud, at least I don't think so. Its not like fracas loud, or beyond love loud, this is a much softer and less of a diva tuberose. Its not what I call green though. You get tuberose petals, but not big heavy ones. They've dialed it down quite a bit. Certainly, its sheer as you can make it with still smelling it.

Longevity, well...It goes to a skin scent on me about the first 1-2 hours in. However it doesn't mean that you can't smell it, you can, it just means its not in your face all the time.

Sillage, smellable from arms length when you put it on, goes down to hovering just about the skin pretty quickly. Minimal to no trail, so a good perfume for office environments.

I quite liked it a lot. I plenty of tuberose perfumes that work for what I want, so this one isn't likely at the top of my want list, but I certainly found it agreeable and lovely, just not terribly unique.

If I were looking for a sheer tuberose, this would fit the bill.

Worth testing for those who are curious.

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I'm a tuberose girl so for me this is pretty glorious.

If you hate tuberose, you're not going to like this because its tuberose all day, all the time.

I find it sweeter and warmer than Carnal Flower, and less formal than Fracas. The coconut helps to give it a more tropical edge and the green notes keeps it from being pure tuberose syrup.

Sillage can be a bit out there...especially if you over spray, and the florals get bigger as they heat up to your skin. Being so strong 1-2 sprays is plenty. Longevity is good, for me its 9 hours.

I like to use this to layer with other perfumes (half sprays only!!)

This is one of those perfumes thats a tuberose lovers paradise.

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Like many Caron perfumes this goes through various phases, which I like in particular. The one thing I can't figure out is where the smokiness is coming from! I would guess from the licorice, but, on my skin its faint but there and adds quite a lot of depth in the drydown.

I really love the rush of freshness with the lemon verbana in the beginning, and the drydown is where I get the the licorice the very faint smokiness, and the spices. This is like 2 perfumes in one!

I don't find this to be ordinary at all, and really very unusual for a Caron in particular! This to me is a 3 season scent. Maybe even 4 to add a ray of sunshine to the winter doldrums.

This is also quite unisex. Guys could wear this without issue.

Sillage is low after the initial hour or so, but everything can't be a sillage monster right? Longevity however, is really amazing for an EDT...8+ hours.

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I suprisingly really love this. Could be that I just dig florals (well But I do find it very well rounded and lovely floral. Rose is quite out front but I find it to be quite refreshing.

What I found I enjoyed most is smelling this the next day. yeah, its one of THOSE types of scents!

The mint doesn't jump out at me on skin though I can certainly smell it. The base notes help keep this scent from becoming a screecher.

On occassion I get a whiff of an unlit mentholated cigarette. I don't doubt its the mint and the vetiver (because on me, vetiver can sometimes smell smoky) But I find I don't mind the mix at all. I thought it was quite interesting to be honest! No one else around me ever made any sort of connection (including my partner)

If someone likes sweet candy type frags, this likely won't be the frag they want. But floral lovers should certainly sample it. Longevity is great, sillage also great, though care should be taken to not overspray. On me I find 2 sprays to be plenty.

I'm adding an edit to this because I really smell something in this thats peachy. I don't know whats listed is all the notes or not, but I'm smelling more than whats above.

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I decided I really wanted this for my birthday. The scent is really really natural, very nice. Puts me in mind of Bellodgia, though its not sweet at all.

On me I get carnation, clove (its way tamped down), and an amazing buttery and slightly dirty iris. After a while it shifts and the clove and rose come into play. there is a slight powder to this, but its amazingly pleasant and does not ruin the composition at all. My partner says it smells distinct, like Lagerfeld Classic type powderiness.

Everything smells so natural though, no one note is too overpowering. I'd be interested to know the type of musk used here because it smells great. Likely its synthetic but thankfully its not so harsh that it would tear my nose to pieces.

Longevity is high, sillage is moderate to soft... it wears close to the skin after 4 hours but its totally still there. I don't find it to be too linear at all. It changes quite a bit through the drydown.

This one changes much more on me than No4, which I like but is quite linear on me. From my understanding the exclusives were made to be worn with each other. I haven't tried that yet. I can see this being worn 3 months of the year, it may be a bit much for summer.

Worth testing out if you can, especially for those who enjoy carnation. Pricewise, its a bit expensive but its also an extrait and a darn good one.

Absolutely unisex.

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So its beyond time for me to put up a review for this.

This tuberose isn't what I would call ordinary, especially not in the beginning.

This is for the parfum version which tends to sit much closer to the skin.

Upon application there's a smell of oil and gasoline. No, I'm not joking, its really there. You have to give it about 5-10 minutes though, because that was probably one of the bigger surprises of this perfume.

While there is a surface lightness, there is also a suprising darkness to this scent, at least for me. yes if you just pay attention to the top only, you do get tuberose, and some small amount of citrus, and a bit of candied fruit, but underneath that, there's something dark there. I smell a bit of mushroomy rooty, and inbetween that, the most seductive jasmine ever. I like it though because this isn't all sunshine and candy type scent. Though the application of the scent can jolt you, its not a discordant scent at all. It all works togther very well.

Lasting power is great for me, but being its a parfum I expect good lasting power (literally all day into evening), but sillage....sillage is what I feel can be a gotcha. When I first tried this, I thought it would be really a big scent, and its not at all. This seems to be a close wearing scent,and very smooth and restrained and elegant....but with a wild side.

I find that on occasion I get this very elusive scent coming from me from time to time. While its not a huge scent it IS something that will be noticeable to those close to you.

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When I initially tried this perfume in the small 1ml dabber samples, I got a ton of tuberose right up front. I very much enjoyed it and ended up purchasing a bottle.

This is a perfume you have to give time to dry down, nor can you over-spray. You will regret it if you over-spray trust me.

Initial spray (even on me) doesn't smell so hot nor was it like the samples, I thought I had the wrong perfume!

Initial saffron/wood/oud
Then Floral/orange/wood/incense/oud
Then Amber/Patchouli/wood/incense/oud

You smell so much stuff in this perfume that it can be overload, but for me, the ride was so much fun and I enjoyed all of it. I'm sure when I wear it again (this evening) it will probably smell totally different!

Lasting power is very long, I can still smell the spot I sprayed yesterday afternoon, and, single spray you can smell at arms length. No need to apply too much.

What I didn't get was powder. I got small amounts in the sample, but none when I sprayed directly from the bottle.

Now, take this part for whatever its worth but, as much as some don't want to say it, this is really a celebrity scent. Definitely more higher end that was you would normally see, and this is a celebrity perfume worth buying. This isn't your usual fruity floral celeb perfume. This is one made to appeal to a perfume connoisseur really.

However, you're getting a scent that will last a long time, morph into all types of configurations (its never boring thats for sure!) and strong enough were you really don't have to use much..should last ages.

This is the type of celebrity scent I wouldn't mind seeing more of.