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I love(d) this and got it at the moment of its release, however, and please do give me some credence, this has a tendency to smell of chips in newspaper.
It's beautiful. It's not "masculine" to my nose, though others seem able to sense a strong masculinity in it - according to the reviews posted here, but I think you're all mad.
Well, it's your turn to think that I'm the mad one.
Smells of chips in newspaper wrap in the eighties.
Let it develop and smell the air. Picture yourself at Brighton pier with a paper bag full of chips. Fish optional. This is what it smells like. This realization has killed this scent for me many times. I still love it, but the moment I smell those chips I just think to myself that I don't want to potentially be seen as the one who just ate chips.
Today I am lucky and I don't smell the chips. Yet.
But I know they're there. Lurking.

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This was promising to begin with but effectively disappointed me in its execution.
Started out creamy and floral (orange blossom) but eventually turned into a boring berries (plum) and patchouli non-entity of a scent.

In the opening stage I found elements of GUCCI by GUCCI and the BLACK XS POTION flanker, so nothing new but nice/enjoyable nonetheless. It felt fresh, vibrant, daytime appropriate.

Then the patchouli took center stage and the floral notes dissipated, leaving behind a watered down rendition of TSUKIYO by ANNAYAKE, which is all fair and well if you are looking for a weaker version of that, but I am not.

If there was some focus here it could be nice. A spice or a flower taking center stage wouldn't have gone amiss. My conclusion is that there are far better/more complex scents available in this category, though I do like the bottle very much in its half ANNA SUI, half GUIPURE & SILK style (in a kind of tacky rock chic way). Ultimately it feels a little basic and lacks depth of character.

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Creamy coconut & salty suede through to a musky heart.
A mainly vanillic, savory scent with a dry down of soft, woody, steamed rice/vanilla in the ilk of KENZO AMOUR, minus any floral notes. 6 hour longevity with one spray per wrist, starts with a satisfyingly intimate aura and ends skin close.

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Alcohol & Vetiver leading forthright to a focus on a "fresh", effervescent and zingy mandarin orange.

Maybe here an orange by any other name is a "quince"?
Possibly with a slight sprinkling of this so-called "salt" in the opening.

No seaside. No cookie, but it does take the biscuit, and it's certainly not cricket.

Nice but boring. Fresh, fruity, woody. Not salty.

Edit on the seventh of August 2017:
I began to doubt my initial opinion of this scent. I retested it and got the same result. This is, from top to bottom, as before, mainly orange peel and vetiver. Nothing else worthy of mention.
I get no salt. No ginger. No floral. No beeswax.
I'm not about to say I smell something just because it's written in the notes.

Edit 10th of January 2017:
Got this at a bargain price and am testing on skin for the first time. Other notes are coming through - some fizzy sweetness - and this is slightly more enjoyable than my tests on card, but orange rind is still the prominent dominator here. Smells like it could possibly squeeze into the lighter side of the Hermes Eau de Merveilles family.
Overall I personally feel that this was already done far better by Montblanc with Presence d'une Femme.
Funnily enough, the bottles are conspicuously alike also.

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I am so enamored by this scent. It stole my heart from the very first moment I sampled it, so I went online and ordered two bottles straight away.

This is unlike any iris scent I've ever smelled before in that it's not at all too sweet, for one, and this scent is also a little different to your usual run-of-the-mill iris scent because it contains zero noticeable rose or violet notes - as far as I can tell.

I have never smelled NU by YSL, though it's been in my wish list for an eternity, I have still not procured a bottle from the great, stinky cosmos. Therefore I cannot make any comparisons with that, but if that smells half as good as this, or if this smells half as good as that, it really can't be half bad. So I'll keep dreaming of owning that, while in the meantime remaining happy enough that I have this.

This is green.
It's almost transparent.
It's at once a thick, translucent, indolic, heady floral and at the same time mellow, light and green, almost invisible to the naked nose.

The only thing like this that I have ever smelled is a staple in my facial cleansing routine - Ultrabland by LUSH, which also contains iris.

My best friend smelled "red berries" here, and it came as a shock to me that the official paper writeup about this made mention of berries while I could find no other indication of said berries mentioned anywhere on the Yves Rocher site, nor in the notes here!

This is natural smelling. 100%.
This is the real deal for me.
It makes me foam at the mouth.

Lasting power is impressive and projection is a warm, fuzzy, intimate caress.

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I can't stand this. For me this is, basically, the "fruitchouli" version of Prada Candy.

Gone is the animalic benzoin creamy vanillic musky goodness of the original, and in the place of the original's understated sophistication and beauty is this generic patchouli/praline crap that's the basis of so many modern scents today, though I might add that I believe this trend to be, thankfully, coming to an end!

La vie est Belle,
So Elixir,
Coco Mademoiselle,
Etc, I.E you get the idea.
(This genre is not my niche nor my forte.)

The best of the Prada Candy range, in my personal opinion, are the original and the "Kiss" variation - which ups the muskiness of the original to dizzying heights, with more nuanced floral notes and a removal of the citrus.

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This smells, strangely enough, of tangerine/mandarin/clementine/random orange of some kind or other, grapefruit, benzoin, pepper and green apples.

Creamy, powdery & peppery. Subtly floral.
Dries down to a pure green apple scent that lasts, overall, for around two hours on my skin.

Silky? About as silky as the bill/note I used to buy it.
(I guess that could be taken either way depending on your opinion of how silky your own bill/note is.)

I love the bottle design for all of the MAX MARA scents.
I only wish I'd bagged myself the main one, not this fruity flanker.

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My first fragrant love.

I initially laid my nose upon this glorious scent in the library of a school where my mother had a temporary role as deputy head.

The head teacher wore Amarige. She strutted around shouting the odds. Had a real attitude problem, as my mother saw it.
She was headstrong and aggressive in her demeanor. I thought she was at once hilarious and cool as all hell.
Dry wood, warm yellow and white flowers.
Bookshelves and plants.

We went to IKEA and she had me trailing behind her pushing the trolley full of her pickings. Nothing, and nobody, stood a chance against the stench of Amarige.

Love! Power! Independence!

My second encounter was in the kitchen/dining area of my mother's childhood friend, Sheila. She lived atop a windy hill and her husband was a photographer specializing in black and white landscapes.
As I sat on a long wooden bench beside her large wooden kitchen table, I breathed in the delectable scent of freshly baked bread mingling with Amarige.

I asked, "What is that flowery smell?"
My mother responded: "AMARIGE! I've always HATED Amarige! It's Sheila's signature scent!"
Such venomous spite toward my beloved, Amarige!!!!
The best tuberose and cedar-wood based concoction in the world.

I will always return to my Amarige.

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This is a far cry from the leather glove, the leather boot or the leather jacket.
Rather, this smells like walking into a sofa store or test driving a new car.
Nice, but too clinical for me.
I had hoped for a soft biker jacket/boot leather scent, so this was a disappointment.

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DUNE is one of those scents, one of those very few scents, that feels like it's intrinsically a part of me.

DUNE understands and awakens in me something that is barely/seldom touched upon by others.

DUNE has a mellow, calm, quiet, all knowing confidence.
She is a whisper, never a scream. A languid glance skyward.

The scent that surrounds me when I am wearing her is a cocoon, a chrysalis. The lone washed up shell on a sandy beach.

For me, DUNE is not dissimilar to the way grains of sand appear when viewed under a microscope.

She is bewitching, enchanting, achingly melancholy.

She is the soft sigh of yesterday's ending at the birth of a new tomorrow. Nature's last breath in that moment as night turns into day.

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