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M M - Mariah Carey 3 years ago
A prom dress with a cap & sneakers. Pink bubblegum. The scent of stale potpourri hanging heavily in the warm evening air of the hallway.+3
It's like somebody watered down Naughty Alice, added tangy oranges and limes, then poured it all into a freshly washed up shell on a beach.+3
Fig, caviar, woods?
More aptly a ‚ÄĚtropical" cocktail.
A coconut & pineapple cocktail doused leather boot, smoldering in the midday sun.+3
Gold Gold - Next 4 years ago
Dupe of Alien Essence Absolue.+2
Multiplex cinema pick-n-mix in the 90s. Pop, popcorn, candy. Toothachingly sweet. Opening makes me gag, but it settles down smoothly/nicely.+2
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