Cincy's Perfume Photos


CincyCincy 8 years ago
Thanks Tar, your comment means a lot.
TarTar 8 years ago
No wonder that you have got such high number of awards all of your pictures. Now I intend to check them out, all of them, but sorry, I will not leave comment to all of them, because every piece is beautiful! : )
ZionistZionist 9 years ago
Extremely well set with a well composed variety of greys and purples - outstanding harmony
TetsuoTetsuo 9 years ago
Truly a piece of Art!
TurmalinTurmalin 9 years ago
Ein wunderschönes Bild :-)
ChapeauClackChapeauClack 9 years ago
Wonderful photo, Cincy!
FlorblancaFlorblanca 9 years ago
Wow, what an extraordinary beautiful picture dear Cincy! Love it!
CincyCincy 9 years ago
Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to give the comments. :)
HasiHasi 9 years ago
Great with the Blackcurrants!
SherapopSherapop 9 years ago
Gorgeous: an example of photography as art!
TivellonTivellon 9 years ago
TribuTribu 9 years ago
Very nice picture :).
CincyCincy 9 years ago
(((Hugs))) Strawberry, I was happy with this picture too.

Cincy Perfume Photos