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ClaireVClaireV 2 years ago
LOL, girl, you can't just drop that into conversation and not say what it is you bought, come on now....
ClaireVClaireV 2 years ago
Hmmm, stick with what works for you, I'd say. Qi is very nice, a fresh osmanthus-leather tea, much more osmanthus-forward than the OJ Osmanthus scent, but it's very fresh/gentle/linear, like Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan, not creamy or earthy like the MdO. But maybe chance town to try it again to make sure? I dunno, Where are you getting the Bohea Boheme from?
ClaireVClaireV 2 years ago
LOL, you NUTTER!!! :-)
Sonja010Sonja010 3 years ago
Thank you for the perfume
Everything went smooth!
ZagoZago 4 years ago
Perfect deal, perfect communication, thank you!
ScentwavesScentwaves 5 years ago
Hi Claire! Just a quick wave, girl:)
Lily2911Lily2911 6 years ago
Hi Claire, U2 :-) welcome, i just became member also !
ClaireVClaireV 6 years ago
Thanks, Jennie, I know I will! :-)
DalmajenDalmajen 6 years ago
Hello Claire! Welcome...I know you will enjoy it here! Look forward to your wonderful reviews!
ClaireVClaireV 6 years ago
Thanks very much, Cryptic!