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ClaireVClaireV 17 months ago
LOL, girl, you can't just drop that into conversation and not say what it is you bought, come on now....
ClaireVClaireV 17 months ago
Hmmm, stick with what works for you, I'd say. Qi is very nice, a fresh osmanthus-leather tea, much more osmanthus-forward than the OJ Osmanthus scent, but it's very fresh/gentle/linear, like Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan, not creamy or earthy like the MdO. But maybe chance town to try it again to make sure? I dunno, Where are you getting the Bohea Boheme from?
ClaireVClaireV 17 months ago
LOL, you NUTTER!!! :-)
Sonja010Sonja010 2 years ago
Thank you for the perfume
Everything went smooth!
ZagoZago 3 years ago
Perfect deal, perfect communication, thank you!
ScentwavesScentwaves 4 years ago
Hi Claire! Just a quick wave, girl:)
Lily2911Lily2911 5 years ago
Hi Claire, U2 :-) welcome, i just became member also !
ClaireVClaireV 5 years ago
Thanks, Jennie, I know I will! :-)
DalmajenDalmajen 5 years ago
Hello Claire! Welcome...I know you will enjoy it here! Look forward to your wonderful reviews!
ClaireVClaireV 5 years ago
Thanks very much, Cryptic!