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SmellaSmella 3 years ago
Hello Dear!...I'm happy that everything arrived well...and wish you a lot of joy with the scent and Samples...! ... :-) ...locking forward to get in touch again...!!! Best Wishes from vienna!
YvSaintYvSaint 3 years ago
Dear C., it was a pleasure for me to deal with you! Thank you very much!

LunaticaLunatica 4 years ago
Dear Claire

I'm happy that I could make you happy with my parcel ;))
If I should ever find this scent you love so much anywhere on a fleamarket or so - I'll get it for you!
Wish you and your beloved ones a merry christmas and a happy new year!!!
Hugs from switzerland
RustColeRustCole 4 years ago
Dear Claire,

I say thank you for our nice deal!
Hope we will deal again!
Enjoy the nice Tauer!

Kind regards, Sven
ClaireVClaireV 4 years ago
LOL, girl, you can't just drop that into conversation and not say what it is you bought, come on now....
ClaireVClaireV 4 years ago
Hmmm, stick with what works for you, I'd say. Qi is very nice, a fresh osmanthus-leather tea, much more osmanthus-forward than the OJ Osmanthus scent, but it's very fresh/gentle/linear, like Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan, not creamy or earthy like the MdO. But maybe chance town to try it again to make sure? I dunno, Where are you getting the Bohea Boheme from?
ClaireVClaireV 4 years ago
LOL, you NUTTER!!! :-)
SüchtigSüchtig 4 years ago
Thank you very much, enjoy the wondefull Perfume. All the best to you and wonderfull Ireland. Very very much greatings
SkjomiSkjomi 5 years ago
Thank you very much for The nice Package, the fast postage and the Extra!! :-))
CosmicLoveCosmicLove 5 years ago
Wonderful Claire..
Thanks from the heart ;;;-)
Kerse :-*
Sonja010Sonja010 5 years ago
Thank you for the perfume
Everything went smooth!
MynosMynos 5 years ago
Dear Claire
Thank you very much for the nice fragrance and the sample.
Best wishes i puno pozdrava iz Belgije
AmunAmun 5 years ago
Hi Claire!
Today the package arrived. Thank you so much for fragrance + extras, you're too kind!
Best regards,
ZagoZago 6 years ago
Perfect deal, perfect communication, thank you!
RazamottiRazamotti 6 years ago
Dear Claire,
thank you for our nice deal and friendly conversation.
I would be glad to hear from you again!
Enjoy your new fragrance ;)
VerbenaVerbena 6 years ago
Yessss, it's mine, my preciousssss!!! Bliss, pure blisssssss! Thank you so much for this stunning fragrance and for the great extra goodies as well.

Kind regards,

SolinaSolina 6 years ago
Hi Claire, thank you very much, your parcel arrived yesterday. Thanks also for the wonderful perfume and a lot of nice smelling goodies. Have a nice day and best wishes Silke
ScentwavesScentwaves 6 years ago
Hi Claire! Just a quick wave, girl:)
Greeni07Greeni07 6 years ago
Dear Claire,

thank you for our nice deal and your confidence.

I would be glad to hear again from you.

Best wishes

SouthWestSouthWest 7 years ago
Hi Claire,

so glad you received your parcel. Quite a thrill with DHL, but finally it worked.

Thank you for the fast payment, thank you for the contact !!!!

All he best for you.
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