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Please use the right perfume.

I'm tired of smelling people using the wrong perfume on many occasions. It's not unusual to find young people using their sexiest perfume to go to the office. Or older people using their most intense perfume to go to the office.

Then it is common to find people working in front of the public (shop assistants, waiters...) with very invasive perfumes.

Here I would like to give you some tips.

  • Learn to differentiate a work environment from a leisure environment. A perfume for a working environment has to be clean, clear, non-invasive. With smells that are easy to understand and comprehend by other colleagues.
  • If your perfume doesn't last. Apply again. It is very easy to get a small travel applicator. When you go to brush your teeth in the middle of the day, reapply.
  • Experiments are better with soda. If you have bought a new perfume, try it out in your leisure time.
  • Sweet smells. Cloying. Strong woods, strong spices, oriental perfumes... Outside the office.

A perfume is just as important as dressing correctly. Please take care of this point.

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