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ColinMColinM 6 years ago
Canali Men (Eau de Toilette) - Canali

Canali Men (Eau de Toilette) Stay away
A drastically unimpressive sort of herbal-woody-fresh & musky suede-infused designer mishmash, a sort of fruity “neo-fougère” ideally between Cerruti Essence and Canali Style, just fruitier. Surely, as other reviewers mentioned already, the fruity-ozonic...

ColinMColinM 6 years ago
Oud & Bergamot - Jo Malone

Oud & Bergamot Poetic!
Christine Nagel at her finest, no surprise she’s been chosen to inherit Ellena’s throne. A charming whiff of sophisticated, mellow, androgynous, hyper-modern, clean yet somehow “mysterious” and moody spiced Oriental orange-infused woods. This is Oud &...


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