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8 years ago
Scent 8.0
Coney Island by Bond No. 9

Coney Island„Take me Baby to Coney Island”
This is so unique and so beautifully composed, i'm glad to have it as part of my fragrance collection. I know many people detest the Bond No.9 fragrance range but I am a big fan of them and Coney Island is definetly one of the stand-outs, not only for its uniqueness...

8 years ago
Scent 10.0
White Patchouli by Tom Ford

White Patchouli„Perfect, Rich, Wealthy Patchouli”
White Patchouli is without a doubt one of the best Patchouli fragrances that I have encountered on the market. It smells Rich, Bold, Sexy and quite unisex to my nose. Some people say it smells very feminine, but I think that its bold enough to be worn...


FlaconneurFlaconneur 8 years ago
I've been reading some of your reviews, Cooper20. Very enjoyable.
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Good morning, hope everything is fine.
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Welcome and happy new year.

Your collection is quite interesting.
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Hi Cooper. Thanks for joining :) Have fun and happy 2012.
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Happy new year to all the international perfume pioneers joining the community! ^^
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Hello Cooper20, welcome to Parfumo.
Parfumo has just released the English version yesterday, so it is still a bit empty.