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CoryCory 9 years ago
Boss Bottled (Eau de Toilette) - Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled (Eau de Toilette) Boss Bottled – The Minute Man
I regard Boss Bottled as the "minute man" of fragrances, totally planned and trimmed to success. Because of this it is a fragrance, which successful men (or wannebees) like to use. To my opinion, it is THE office fragrance,...

CoryCory 9 years ago
Boss Bottled Night (Eau de Toilette) - Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled Night (Eau de Toilette) A night at the office ?!?
After reading some really bad comments about this fragrance, but after also learning that mainstream fragrances in general aren´t too well regarded here, I was delighted to receive a sample of Boss Bottled Night in order to make up my own opinion....


PBullFriendPBullFriend 9 years ago
Your reviews are really excellent. Thank you for translating them for those of us who are "German-impaired." ;>)
LouceLouce 9 years ago
How commendable and diligent! You are translating every existing german review by you! Bravo!
CoryCory 9 years ago
Thx, it´s great fun and quite challenging to review in English...
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 9 years ago
Hey Cory, great reviews!