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CoryCory 10 years ago
Boss Bottled (Eau de Toilette) - Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled (Eau de Toilette) Boss Bottled – The Minute Man
I regard Boss Bottled as the "minute man" of fragrances, totally planned and trimmed to success. Because of this it is a fragrance, which successful men (or wannebees) like to use. To my opinion, it is THE office fragrance,...

CoryCory 10 years ago
Boss Bottled Night (Eau de Toilette) - Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled Night (Eau de Toilette) A night at the office ?!?
After reading some really bad comments about this fragrance, but after also learning that mainstream fragrances in general aren´t too well regarded here, I was delighted to receive a sample of Boss Bottled Night in order to make up my own opinion....


PBullFriendPBullFriend 10 years ago
Your reviews are really excellent. Thank you for translating them for those of us who are "German-impaired." ;>)
LouceLouce 10 years ago
How commendable and diligent! You are translating every existing german review by you! Bravo!
CoryCory 10 years ago
Thx, it´s great fun and quite challenging to review in English...
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 10 years ago
Hey Cory, great reviews!