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CristalleCristalle 8 years ago
Seductive - Boadicea the Victorious

Seductive A Lonely Bathroom Experience
After having read the contradicting German comments, I became really curios and swapped samples with Palonera. The German comments depict a panaroma ranging from sweetness, to raping lumberjacks and magic evenings in a log cabin...

CristalleCristalle 8 years ago
En Avril Un Soir (2007) - Yves Rocher

En Avril Un Soir (2007) Much better than I remembered
Finally I get around to testing extensively one of the candidates I found in my basement a year ago and must admit that among the old scents of Yves Rocher there are some that are much better than I remembered – some of them are really...


MisskMissk 8 years ago
Hi Cristalle,

Welcome to Parfumo!
Thanks for visiting my wall. 15 reviews in one day is very simple, I'm just transferring reviews from an old fragrance website to Parfumo. Many of us here, including Sherapop, have been busy making Parfumo our new home. I have around 1000 reviews that I've been copy and pasting, so hopefully any new reviews that I write will be submitted here in future.
When I do write reviews from scratch, usually 6 reviews a day is my limit.
ApiciusApicius 8 years ago
Hello Cristalle, welcome to the international site of Parfumo!