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Cryptic 6 years ago

CrypticMonsieur Guerlain is silenced by LVMH
Apparently Monsieur Guerlain's lovely tribute site has been summarily shut down at the behest of LVMH over alleged trademark infringement. To all appearances this represents cold-blooded and inexplicable treatment of an individual who had been the brand's biggest cheerleader. Although the house is legally entitled to protect the Guerlain...

Cryptic 7 years ago

CrypticSave Oakmoss (and perfumery in general)
If you love perfume, please take a few minutes to read this comprehensive article concerning the proposed oakmoss ban. I've heard many people take the position that the ban will not seriously harm perfumery because there is a synthetic oakmoss substitute available. According to the esteemed noses who were...

Cryptic 7 years ago

CrypticFancy Francy: Exploring the House of Chabaud
Don't you just love it when you encounter a new perfume house? There's that same sense of excitement and possibility surrounding an unknown fragrance line as an unfamiliar but interesting author or a new musician/musical group. All credit here belongs to MiaVonTrost for discovering this low-key but promising line, as well...

Cryptic 9 years ago

CrypticPlease Excuse Me While I Rant
I love any number of perfumes, noses and houses, but on the whole, I don't have much respect for the collective perfume industry. In the last few years we've seen draconian restrictions on "allergenic" notes, wholesale bans on fragrance in certain settings and recently, a series of new/newly enforced postal regulations that do not bode well...