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Save Oakmoss (and perfumery in general)

    If you love perfume, please take a few minutes to read this comprehensive article concerning the proposed oakmoss ban. I've heard many people take the position that the ban will not seriously harm perfumery because there is a synthetic oakmoss substitute available. According to the esteemed noses who were quoted, that's bunk. Furthermore, the article suggests that the EU commission won't be content with merely banning oakmoss and has contemplated restrictions on rose essence and lavender components as well.

    We were originally under the impression that the ban was a fait accompli. However, the article notes that the EU commission responsible for evaluating the oakmoss "problem" has been reshuffled, thereby delaying the decision. While there's still time to act, please sign and share the petition opposing the oakmoss ban. Many thanks to all of you who have already done so.


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