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CyberToy1CyberToy1 9 years ago
Kokorico (Eau de Toilette) - Jean Paul Gaultier

Kokorico (Eau de Toilette) Kokorico
On Wednesday Manchester was a wash with Kokorico Mania, fifty foot high posters every where depicting the Gaultier model In all his glory. It got me all of a flutter with excitement so Into Selfridges we all ran. Once Inside I had to fight my way through...

CyberToy1CyberToy1 9 years ago
10 Aomassaï - Pierre Guillaume

10 Aomassaï A coffee note?????
Just love this trendy sexy juice, smells like mine, but the thing Is, I get a defo Coffee note, now Its not listed In the fragrance notes but I'm 100% confo It as Coffee with In, so what do you think guys coffee or not? Anyway Magical scent all the same.




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