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Standard but well-blended unisex amber w/ woody & resinous notes & a little vanillia sweetness. Hard to imagine anyone taking offence to it.
Smells like a good-quality face cream with a coconut/cucumber scent. Not sweet or tropical at all.
Tuberose lovers: seek this one out. Like mix of Dior's Poison & Amouage's Love Tuberose: bubblegum, incense, plum, tuberose, vanilla & spice
Has a passing resemblance to the original Tommy Girl, but w/ a much more bright, sunny citrus character with some green notes in background.
On me, equal parts cedar and boozy vanilla - something to bear in mind if your skin ramps up cedar notes. Nevertheless, calming & enjoyable.
If you want to smell like gingerbread, this is the perfume for you. On me the rum and tobacco notes are subtle and gingerbread looms large.
Old-school warm, spicy floral with prominent animalic notes. Vintage perfume lovers might want to give this a try.
If you mixed Shalimar, Twilly d'Hermes & SJP's Lovely this would be the result. Lemon cake batter, light musk, pinch of ginger; comfortable.
Miss Marisa Miss Marisa - Ebba - 3 years ago
Green leaves, mint, peach, apple, and a subtle floral note. Smells clean, simple, and straightforward...pleasant enough, but unexciting.
Green scent w/ bitter crushed-leaf note joined by light, transparent peach & a pleasant earthy note. What a garden fairy might smell like.


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