CymCym's Perfume Statements

46 - 50 by 51
Dusty wood and plastic - like an old desktop computer that has been sitting in a closet for several years gathering dust.
Reminiscent of the scent used in some museums to evoke a medieval village scene: dirt, hay, decaying vegetation, animal funk and excrement.
Slightly bitter citrus, spicy, but with a weird, stinky (dusty, burnt) funk at the end. Doesn't smell sexy to me!
Starts off smelling like a vodka cocktail, then white flowers, then sweet, flowery and unremarkable, like a bathroom air freshener.
Starts with cucumber and grass, then white flowers, then sweet and vaguely floral-woody. Smells 'clean', like a shampoo or shower gel.
46 - 50 by 51