CymCym's Perfume Statements

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Hilariously misnamed perfume. Not at all noir, and I cannot detect any jasmine at all - just a light musk with dry almond and wood notes.
Sad about the discontinuation? Get some Si Lolita (also created by C. Nagel) - though not quite the same, there is a definite similarity!
Should be renamed Noxious. Smells like musty/mouldy papaya, wood and aluminium foil with a rather unfortunate note of fresh vomit (no joke).
One to seek out if you like spicy, resinous rose; this one is complex, well-blended and somewhat similar to Dior's Ambre Nuit (but spicier).
Like crushing a fresh green leaf in your hand. A little mint and woody sweetness in the background. One to try if you like green perfumes.
11 - 15 of 51