CymCym's Perfume Statements

36 - 40 by 51
Melted strawberry ice cream with a subtle lime/wood tang. Not what I was expecting!
Blv II Blv II - Bvlgari - 4 years ago
Jarring mashup of men's sports cologne, melon, liquorice and aquatic floral. Manages to smell simultaneously watery, pungent and sweaty.
Tropical floral w/ sunscreen & a hint of salty skin. To me, way too floral to evoke a beach scene; for that try Costarela by Carner instead.
Warm and just slightly sweet, with tobacco and bourbon-soaked barrel. Comforting.
Oranges & white flowers at first, then slides into artificial chemical orange tang, like orange-flavoured soda/popsicle. Smells neon orange.
36 - 40 by 51