CymCym's Perfume Statements

41 - 45 by 51
Citrussy & green. Unfortunately it is not light, sparkling and refreshing but claggy, sullen, thick & pasty, like citrussy wall plaster.
Demeter really missed the mark with this one. It doesn't smell at all like salty air - rather, it is very like baby powder.
EXACTLY like berry-flavoured lip glosses I used to treasure as a young girl. If this doesn't bring out the 11-year-old in you, nothing will.
At first: gingerbread-scented candle. Then: a gerbil sitting in his cage full of wood shavings while nibbling a piece of gingerbread. Awful.
At first, remarkably like fabric softener dryer sheets. After an hour settles into a pleasant, creamy vanilla-chocolate.
41 - 45 by 51