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D0ntpan1ckD0ntpan1ck 11 months ago
Violet Delirium - Aaron Terence Hughes

Violet Delirium Smells like an industrial cleaner, awful
One of the worst fragrances I've smelled, ever, in my life. The violet (or whatever it is) is so overpowering, flat, one dimensional, and smells awful. It's just an in your face smell with no sweetness, no cool "gasoline"...

D0ntpan1ckD0ntpan1ck 1 year ago
Neroli Woods - Banana Republic

Neroli Woods An excellent neroli frag with no longevity
I love neroli, so I love this. Smells clean, similar to other neroli frags like Neroli Portofino and 4711. Just a nice, clean, white floral. Higher quality than you'd expect, but low performance. That is just how it is with...


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