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Following the advice of a parfumista friend, I started to explore other fragrance notes and accords to widen my olfactory horizon and not get more of the same thing. I started liking balsamic resinous fragrances with very little floral character, maybe inspired by my surroundings, I started gravitating towards loud fragrances. I still love my rose, but now I make a conscious decision to move away from it and steer myself in other directions. A new favourite of mine is musc shamal, a perfume I dismissed quickly in the beginning thinking another musk. Then I slowly started sampling it and now I am utterly a convert. I love this fragrance, it smells a bit strange in the opening and then settled into a gorgeous comforting scent. I do like comforting scents a lot and to me this is a balsamic caress on my neck and it’s there all day and I love it.
I will be back to my perfect rose search soon, but right now I’m enjoying this.

Over the past few months, I have developed the habit of going to the mall every Thursday night. I would rush to the hospital for my oncology appointment and as if I were rinsing an unpleasant after taste from my mouth I would take an Uber to the mall and walk through the pastry shops, the cafes and parfumeries. It was as predictable as can be, I would start with a nice vegetarian snack, a healthy fruit smoothie and huge dose of aldehydes. I am a creature of habit and I am no longer trying to be a mysterious unpredictable wild kid!

At first, all perfumes smelled bland to me, some were even repulsive. I had to rethink my perfume wardrobe and was back to my beloved clean rose fragrances, jammy roses and oud were suddenly an assault on my senses. I may also be subconsciously trying not to associate my favourite fragrances with my health issues who knows?

I found myself looking for the lightest of fragrances and the only one that was a clean, green rose that only whispered that I came across that time given my geographical limitations was the maison Francis Kurkdjian’s à la rose. It developed nicely like a transparent veil on my skin, no huge perfume cloud or trail that followed me. It was a quietly beautiful rose, with a zesty opening and delicate dry down. I am not sure if people around me noticed that I was wearing perfume, because it was a lot more subdued scent compared to my other stronger roses such oud satin mood or rose omeyyade. I think this may be the new rose I sought after for days when I want to quietly smell my roses without going over the top.

The search is over, this went to sit next to my Stella and Paul smith rose.

This last Thursday I was finally done with my hospital appointments so I could actually go to the mall as my primary destination and follow what has become a ritual. Only this time a friend was there to disrupt my ritual so instead of pastries, I was having some kind of casserole after which I started walking around. I was looking for nothing this time because I got my rose already until I noticed a new Esthee Lauder shop, it was 3 days old! Oh the memories, I loved Esthee Lauder in my student days where I got my first grown up favourite lipstick. I was suddenly transported to my first place in northwest England. I could smell every bit of the memory, I was wearing pleasures which I still cherish to this day. I was happily reminiscing until the SA interrupted me offering me help, I thanked her and politely proceeded to trying things randomly and there it was the rose! The most beautiful rose I have smelled recently, Aerin evening rose. It opened as a clean rose, a realistic rose like I was in a rose garden just like une rose or Paul smith rose and then became a little more intense and soapy clean rose and reminded me of Stella and finally the dry down was out of this world. On the strip of paper it lasted two days! And this morning at 7 am as I was getting ready for another hospital trip, I was having a pre-trip pleasurable sniff of a gorgeous rose which may just become my new rose. I will have to compare it side by side again with Bvlgari Desiria which I have been eying for a while but I am not test convinced that it deserves the super high price tag, In this case double the price. Can we put a price on this immense pleasure we get from fragrances, I wonder

I never leave the house without wearing a fragrance and if I go without it’s usually a sign that something isn’t right. I have the odd day where I go without especially if I have a cold or feel generally under the weather.

However, if the odd day stretches to a week, a month or even a year then I am at a loss. I obviously wouldn’t want my favourite fragrance to be associated with a bad patch but at the same time I don’t want to stop wearing perfume all together.

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Most of us buy perfumes based on our own tastes, we spray on a blotter then test on our wrists or clothes and sniff and repeat before we decide to buy something. In some cases we ask a friend or a partner their opinion but mostly it is our own likes and dislikes that steer our purchases. Having said that if we choose something and receive a lot of negative feedback Do we continue to use it or do we subconsciously go off that fragrance?

My friend, a serious perfume guru, was shocked when I decided to stop wearing more than words. He told me that my perfume should be first for my own pleasure. Was I a compliment seeker? No! I wasn’t looking for compliments but I was avoiding negative comments! After all, I remember how painful it is for me to share an office with my colleague who was abundantly spraying hugo boss, so why would I do the same to the others?

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Way before I learnt about this huge community that is fragheads, or perfumistas I was in the habit of going to the few perfume shops rather regularly in an attempt to find my signature scent. For years I wore l’eau d’issey, it Had everything I wanted in a perfume. It was light and ethereal or so I thought but it garnered compliments wherever I wore it and I wore it in 3 different continents. So much so that at some point, my best friend loved it so much he bought it for his mum, recommended it to his friend as a perfume for his wife and finally got it as a gift for a third friend. He then said it was funny that all his female friends and his mother wore the same fragrance! Around the same time, I started trying to find another signature as I started going off L’eau d’issey, maybe because everybody around me wore the same fragrance.
I tried Paco Rabanne xs, givenchy amarine, Aqua di Gio and finally Miracle by Lancome until I finally threw away all of them and settled for Stella. Oh how I love Stella! I love rose and I specially love a delicate rose! I was captivated by how light it was and I decided that a signature scent has to be delicate and subtle. It was my signature scent for another 7 years! Then the search began again..except that it became harder to settle on a perfect scent..

I tried everything that was on offer in the high street and couldn’t find that delicate yet long lasting rose. I started trying white flowers and became addicted to tuberose.

With all there is out there, Stella remains my go to fragrance.

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