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1 year ago - 02.10.2021
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Chasing the dopamine high… the way of the fraghead?

With social media, we’ve become accustomed to associating with like minded souls where we amplify our pleasure by echoing similar opinions, likes or dislikes. Just like that and in few weeks, I went from a solo fragrance enthusiast to a member of a tribe, few tribes actually. It’s awesome, I learned a lot and I met beautiful people who became my friends albeit electronically.

However, my real life friends and family cannot understand my hobby. They see that I cannot smell any nicer than I actually do right now and think I have too big a collection to be able to enjoy it or even to use it up before the fragrances go off. In fact, they see that I have a problem! I suppose just like any hobby not to say addiction, this may lead to mild or serious levels of enabling.

Is it about loving fragrances? Or is it about chasing that high we experience when we discovered our first niche fragrance? Are we simply hoarders?

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