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2 years ago - 07.11.2020
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Reigniting the spark

Over the past few months I felt my enthusiasm and love for fragrances dwindling! I stand every morning staring at my collection, mindlessly picking up one bottle after another sniff the cap and going beautiful but not today.. not in the mood for this one or that one until I have smelled most of them then pick a safe one and off I go. I have even gone two days without perfume! What’s happening to me, is my taste changing? Or am I simply bored of fragrances. It could be the anxiety, uncertainty that we are all facing these days. Who needs perfume in a lockdown, right?
I acquired few new perfumes off my wish list in the hope I will reconnect with my collection, it seems to work with some but not with all. I bought fragrances that have beautiful names and stories in the hope they will create a romantic connection so let’s see what happens if I use atomic rose or ride on a flying carpet into a land of love, where one can roll in love ? today’s scent is Kilian rolling in love

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