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3 years ago - 17.04.2020
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Smelling memories

This was my first encounter with niche perfumery, winter of 2015 in Cologne, Germany. By that time, I was on my quest you o finding the perfect perfume. I got into the habit of sampling main stream fragrances in my local mall, eagerly waiting for new releases that would bring that « perfect perfume » . On a night wander in town, we went into a fancy mall or rather a collection of small exclusive shops. There was a red carpet, and there were fuchsia and cyan feathers everywhere. The pretentious sales assistants had already scanned our outfits and decided we’re not their usual clientèle and therefore not worth offering help to..I saw byredo collection and I made a beeline for flowerhead and inflorescence.

The latter was the most exquisite, light floral arrangement I have ever smelled. It had rose, it had jasmine and it had this heart of Lily of the valley. I fell in love really hard and would’ve bought it right then and there if my friends didn’t talk sense into me. I took a picture of the bottle And promised myself I would get it as a reward for some milestone in my life, such as a better paying job. Sure enough, 3 years later I left my job and with my first pay check I got inflorescence. I don’t wear it as often as I would like to, but every time I do it’s a beautiful treat for the senses. I see a beautiful picnic near the lake, I can almost smell the light crisp air of a spring afternoon. I can above all remember my friends, happy moments in my life and new beginnings. It makes me smile!

This is why I love perfume, to me it’s not about aspirations and wearing expensive niche so people know I’m important or affluent or whatever image I project of myself. It is about how it makes me feel internally, what memories it brings back and how to change my mood and my outlook.

Inflorescence does all that for me!

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