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9 months ago - 23.04.2022
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The scent of life events, does it exist ?

Saturday morning, it’s cloudy and miserable outside. It is a blanket, hot cocoa kind of morning minus the rain. I do my language training while sipping my drink and stare at my perfume collection. What perfume sums up my mood today? Spicy? Gourmand ? But definitely cosy scent. I’ve been dousing myself in Epic woman lately, I can’t get enough of this beautiful fragrance but what about the other tens of bottles staring back at me? Should I have a rotation to make sure they all get a fair wearing? Nah, I usually think about the name of the fragrance and the notes therein and whether they match whatever fickle temperament I have before settling on a scent of the day.

I’ve heard of date perfume, office perfume but are there more categories? Driving test or final exam kind of fragrance?

As I undergo medical treatment, I wonder what fragrance should I wear. What captures hope, life and faith?
What comforts me without nauseating me after a full day wearing and torturing my surroundings? Will it be forever associated with this event? I need more coffee

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