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4 years ago
Scent 8.5
07 Tanoke by Odin New York

07 Tanoke„Very impressive”
This is a beauty, it just seems so well balanced, to me it smells of lemon, pine and incense which strangely doesn't match up to the fragrance notes apart from the Frankincense This fragrance is quite linear which i would consider an art in it self to be able balance...

4 years ago
Scent 1.5
Black Afgano (Extrait de Parfum) by Nasomatto

Black Afgano (Extrait de Parfum)„Dark, dirty, earthy, dull, muddled and borderline evil ,, that one guy we all know thats just not right!”
Aww such expectations all the right ingredients were there; Cannabis, Woods, Coffee, Oud, Frankincense Tobacco, longevity and strong sillage , But shocked with all the outstanding...


Louis1Louis1 4 years ago
Hi Dallas,

thank You very much, it also was a pleasure for me. Have fun with the stuff!

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DallasDallas 5 years ago
many thanks Apicius great site
ApiciusApicius 5 years ago
Hello Dallas, welcome to Parfumo! Have fun!