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4 years ago
Scent 6.0
Fruitchouli Flash by Tauerville

Fruitchouli Flash„Sophisticated Hippy”
Just got this today, and couldn't wait to write about it! Who would think that Andy Tauer would dare make a fruit patchouli fragrance! Well, he did, and it's Fabulous! I even bought this blind, as I know Andy Tauer perfumes, as have tested nearly all of them, and own a few as well....

5 years ago
Scent 8.0
La Rose Angel by Mugler / Thierry Mugler

La Rose Angel„Angels refined cousin....”
I had the chance to purchase this lovely fragrance, and bought it blind. The notes sounded so inviting, I just had to try it! I am so glad I did! This is really a fabulous fragrance. I have had Angel in the past, and found it OK..not one of my real favorites,...




GuusjeGuusje 4 years ago
Hi there < 3
Just wanted to let you know that I do a scent related project again on YouTube :)

SMELL & TELL NOVEMBER ----> You can watch the TRAILER hereL https://youtu.be/LjmZlufUH4Q
Daily uploads with lots of information!
Not only about perfume, but just Guus being Guus: rambling about everything and anything ;)
Hope you will feel inspired by SMELL & TELL NOVEMBER!
xoxo Guusje
GothicHeartGothicHeart 5 years ago
They surely do, especially when we know them for a few decades already. Yeap, I'm a total sucker for vintage stuff and unashamedly proud about it. Many many thanks on behalf of dreamy Loulou!
TarTar 6 years ago
Thank you very much for your kindness!!! I wear now only such fragrances, that make me relaxed and happy.
TarTar 6 years ago
Dear Dalmajen, for heavier, I would give a try to Amarige, that is a real beauty. Another one is Sacrebleau or Affaf. Thank you very much for your kindness, and have a beautiful day :-) I hope that you do not have such heavy rain as we here.
TarTar 6 years ago
Dear Dalmajen, where do you spray the Alien eau Extraordinaire? It lasted so long on my elbow.
GuusjeGuusje 6 years ago
Hello sweetie! Just a quick Hello from Holland! :) Miss you and a massive hug!
DarkMatterDarkMatter 6 years ago
Thank you for the kind comment on my perfume collection x :-)
TarTar 6 years ago
Thank you for your kindness and comment on my Untitled review :-) Have a beautiful weekend!
GuusjeGuusje 6 years ago
Hi sweetie! Yes I added them to my collection :D Almost 200 already *oh oooh& LOL
GoldGold 6 years ago
Dear Jen, I'm waiting for your review of "PHI"... (the more I wear it, the less I like it - what a pity, isn't it? The heavy patch ruins it all for me, it kind of "weighs me down". I'll pass it on an Afghan friend of mine). Take care and have a wonderful weekend, J.