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Just got this today, and couldn't wait to write about it! Who would think that Andy Tauer would dare make a fruit patchouli fragrance! Well, he did, and it's Fabulous! I even bought this blind, as I know Andy Tauer perfumes, as have tested nearly all of them, and own a few as well. I love this one! The fruit is so mellow..it doesn't come across as a overwhelming peachy apricot..it just does what is expected..a touch of peach, and the apricot is a bit deeper into the heart. The rose isn't the main player here..it is soft, and blends so nicely with the fruits. The star of the show, in my opinion, is the patchouli ! What a darling patchouli! A calm, grown up patch..it knows when to make its appearance without being overbearing. It knows it's place..and it has a slight ego. It appears when you want it to, and doesn't disappoint ! It is still a patchouli , but he's now a sophisticated hippy..the timing is perfect, as well as the strength .

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I had the chance to purchase this lovely fragrance, and bought it blind. The notes sounded so inviting, I just had to try it! I am so glad I did! This is really a fabulous fragrance. I have had Angel in the past, and found it OK..not one of my real favorites, just OK..so, I wondered what Angel would smell like, with a twist. The opening is a blast of green bergamot, almost like the green stems of the roses had been crushed together with the bergamot. I was worried this note would remain throughout, and was momentarily disappointed. But no, after a few minutes the note settled into a lovely soft rose, combined with a nice juicy plum. This is not a fruity plum, but a sort of soft anchor for the Rose. After awhile , I could pick up on the Angel vibe, but this was not the shout in your face Angel. This is the refined cousin, who has been to Private Schools, and has elocution lessons. She has beautiful manners, and knows when to appear, and always comes across like a lady. The longevity is very good, and sillage as well. The dry down is just beautiful! Not too sweet, but the caramel and chocolate/patch is there. I have already worn this several times, and each time I enjoy it more. Presentation is lovely, the bottle, box, velvet pouch...it all goes with the concept. Yes, I am impressed with this lovely little lady. The elegant, and refined cousin of Angel....

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I have finally found a Serge Lutens that I fell in love with, from start to finish. I was very skeptical about this fragrance, as it has a few notes that I don't usually go for. But,for some unknown reason, they worked so well on my skin, I was quite overcome with emotion! Tuberose is not one of my favorite notes, nor, is coconut. I actually was more worried about the coconut, as didn't want the dreaded sun tan lotion vibe! I was praying it wouldn't develop, like it did with Virgin Island Water coconut note! But, this is soft...and creamy. The tuberose is just right! Not loud, nor pushy. The almond is so inviting, and not over powdery. All the notes are complimenting each other, all the way through. I was not expecting such a wonderful harmony..I have tested quite a few of Lutens, and the day before I dug out this tester, I had spent the day wearing Un bois Vanille , thinking this might be the one...it was just a pure stroke of luck that decided to do a full day wearing of Datura Noir..so happy that I did, as I believe I have found my perfect Serge! From the top notes, through the mid notes, to the lovely dry down..very admirable!

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I have had this fragrance for some time now, and never realized how much I would enjoy it in the very cold weather. It is not a complicated scent by any means, but the notes are pleasant and satisfying. The opening is a small fizz of the raspberry, followed by a blast of Neroli. This is not a bitter Neroli, but a tamer version owing to the fact that the tangerine or more like orange to my nose) seems to level it out, somehow. I like the Jasmine very much, as it seems to be a very creamy version, and I suppose this is due to the marshmallow note! It all comes together very nicely indeed, and, the dry down is a fluffy powdery mix. I think it is a wonderful , and comforting fragrance, especially in the really cold months. I tried it in the Spring, and wasn't taken with it, but what a different story it turned out to be in the colder weather!

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The opening of this fragrance is not very pleasant...In fact, it starts out quite rough! The citrus seems to be a sour, and bitter combo. Then the cedar appears, and it still is unpleasant to my nose, but I decide to persevere, and continue wearing it to get the whole picture! I usually adore these type of fragrances..Oriental, woody and spicy..but, of course,each fragrance has it's own style, or personality. This particular fragrances has a sort of thinness to it, it is hard to explain, but let's take Coromandel for instance. Coromandel is a rich, creamy fragrance, as opposed to the thinness this one has. I feel Santa Subita is trying to portray a Coromandel type vibe, but even though eventually, the dry down is rather nice, it lacks something...something to give it that missing richness. It lasts quite well, and as I stated, the dry down is very nice. I have worn this several times, to give it a fair chance, but it still remains a fragrance with a weak personality...to my nose anyway).

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Here I am again..on the Vanilla train! I guess vanilla lovers seem to crave this note, when the colder weather arrives!
I am so pleased to have been gifted a sample of this wonderful fragrance! I had no expectations, nor did I plan to love this...as I didn't even know I would receive this lovely sample, or had I ever heard of this new fragrance house. This is a new surprise for me!
The notes play out, exactly as listed. It starts out with a very sparkling citrus..not any ordinary citrus, but a crystal clean lemon/grapefruit splash, which is so pleasing to the nose! I am not a fan of citrus, but, this is really fresh, and natural. Then I begin to pick up the creamy caramel, infused with the floral notes. What a terrific blend! Nothing overtakes, or cancels out the unity. This is put together, like a good novel. The sandalwood arrives, just on cue, with the other base notes...but, the main character is the vanilla! This is the essential part of the story, the whole point of the fragrance is the Vanilla. It has always been there, the whole time, but it only appears as necessary. Unselfishly it stays on the edge and lets the other notes shine, no overpowering sweet, or boozy vanilla...no, this is a true , and elegant, Top shelf Vanilla! I am very impressed....

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I was taken aback this morning when I decided to test my new sample of Fleur Oriental. I had ordered three samples from this house, when I purchased my LADDM. I liked the reputation of this house, and read through most of the descriptions, before choosing my new samples.
The notes in this fragrance are very attractive, with the exception of the carnation. Fortunately,this carnation comes across like a mild cinnamon. When I sprayed on my wrist, and arm, I walked around for a few minuets, and Bang! I just couldn't believe how similar it is to my Tauer Une Rose Chypree! A slightly fresher opening, but, almost identical! This is only the opening mind you, not the whole development). I was so convinced it was just like my Tauer, I sprayed both fragrances on paper strips. On the paper strips, the Tauer opening is much more intense than the Fleur Oriental, but, they are really close! It smells much more like the Rose Chypree on my skin though.
Well, that was a good start to the journey! When the middle notes started to develop, I was very impressed, as the floral notes compliment each other perfectly!. Then came the wonderful dry down..Such a lovely ending..just the right amount of vanilla, warmed through by the rich amber. This is a vintage smelling fragrance, without being overbearing or complex. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a nice and genuine Oriental floral. Of course, it boosted my opinion of it, as it was truly familiar, with a twist!

This fragrance took me right back to San Diego, where I lived years ago, at the beach. It starts with a sort of over ripe fruity note, even though it lists Tiare as the top note. I was not very impressed, but decided to give it an all day wearing, as to write a review, it needs time to get the whole fragrance picture.
The next stage, after about an hour), was a plasticky, slightly floral vibe. Then the suntan oil presented itself! This was the scent of the beach, where everyone gathered with their boards to catch some waves. I wouldn't have minded that so much, but that slightly over ripe fruit note kept drifting in and out, and was very off putting. In it's defence, the fragrance does have good longevity, and isn't shy to show it's stuff, but I think for the price, it is definitely not worth the price tag! i was expecting a distinct, and prominent tiare flower, but, instead got coconut and a strange plastic fruit smell. I suppose I have been spoiled by my other lovely florals). This is the second Montale I have tried, and will purchase some other samples, as this house has a wide range of choices. Unfortunately, this wave just wasn't worth catching!

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I had to wear my sample several times, before I could write my review. I was so excited when this fragrance came out, and couldn't wait to receive my sample. I even put off purchasing my lovely LADDM, as I was afraid that I might fall in love with this one even more! First of all I want to say I gave this several tries, in different weather conditions etc.
The opening is very green, bordering on bitter. A tightly closed green Gardenia bud, drifting in and out of a smokey background. This lasts a bit too long for my liking, and made me feel almost sad. When the middle notes finally turn up, they aren't able to overcome the greenness of the opening. The rose is very light, and I get a hint of jasmine, but stays firmly in the background. The base notes are the best thing about the whole structure of the fragrance. The dry down is very pleasant, and the Gardenia then becomes creamy, and sparkles. I feel the sandalwood and tonka bean sort of save the day for this fragrance. I am a huge fan of Andy Tauer fragrances, and I wanted to express my true feelings for this perfume, as I perhaps had put it on a huge pedestal before I had even tried it! My anticipation of having a great gardenia fragrance was bought down a notch. I feel many people will adore this scent, particularly, if you enjoy green fragrances, with a smokey vibe. This Gardenia certainly fits the bill, for Billie Holiday always wore this flower, while she sang the blues. Some of the notes are sad, and some lift your soul.

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I am have finally tried a Bond fragrance. I avoided these fragrances, as the prices are way out of my price range..I would have to be virtually in love to buy a FB of any of these. I was Lucky enough to have been gifted a large sample of this, and decided to make a day long testing of this. My first impression is a peach sprinkled with cinnamon, followed by a smokey vibe. This smokey accord drifted in and out for the first hour or so. It was quite pleasant, but nothing extra exciting..the floral heart notes were rather bland..in other words, they didn't shine through as expected. I seemed to detect more of the orange blossom than the other listed notes. The dry down was pleasant, but the volume was turned way down...as if they were told to stay in the background. It lastest on my skin for quite a long time, which is a great feat! But, the sillage is low key...hardly noticable, on me, anyway...my view on Chinatown is a watery, but simple spice fragrance, with a very nice dry down, that comes across shyly. It didn't float my boat, as I love more dramatic type fragrances, and this does not live up to the price expectation. It had a particular note that I detected in the reformulated Opuim..that sort of watery cinnamon note..hard to describe, but there..i am so pleased I was able to test this, as I have always wondered what magic Bond had to offer. So many beautiful, and great bottles! I won't pass judgement on this house, as would need to test a lot more fragrances..but, Chinatown didn't have the Wow factor for me..it is just a nice, and ordinary fragrance. Almost like Chinatown without the mystery.....

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